Wild animals wreak havoc in Aripal tehsil of Tral

Photo Courtesy : Haamid Bala

SRINAGAR, OCT 27: The wild animals have wreaked havoc in Aripal tehsil of Tral sub-district with attacks on humans and livestock having witnessed a multifold increase here.

As per reports the wild animals remain on prowl to attack the people and domestic animals in many areas of Tral including Dar Ganie Gund, Aripal, jawaharpora Lam, deodarpora Guttangoo, Gujjar basti Nagnaad and khanagund  areas.

The wild animal attacks particularly that of Bear have increased. “Both the people and their livestock have been attacked due to which many were injured in the attacks and residents also suffered heavy financial losses”, residents said.

“We are continuously living under the threat of Bear attacks which have injured many animals seriously in the past few months”, Gh.  Nabi Dar a local resident said.  He added that the people fear to move out of homes and the children were reluctant to go out and play due to the fear of attacks by wild animals.

The local residents alleged that the Wildlife department is, “acting as a mute spectator’’ even as it was brought to their notice that the Bear often stray into the residential areas. We are under Khanagund range, but no officer or employee from wild life department visited our village as our village is the closest to Khanagund, to visualize the ground reality. The residents said the wildlife department was “ill equipped and understaffed” to deal with the increasing incidents of man-animal conflict in the Area.

Few days back Bear attacked and wounded many animals in the areas of Dar Ganie Gund village of Aripal tehsil of Tral sub-district. Bear attacked my cowshed and dragged and killed both cow and calf, now we are in threat, Both animals and humans are not safe here, said ali mohd sheikh a resident of dar ganie gund. The livestock owners were apprehensive about further attacks.  “The Bear stray near the habitations which only increase the risk of further attacks,” said a resident. Also The residents of various areas of tehsil Aripal have also complained about such attacks  in their areas.

Imtiyaz hussain, forest Range officer when contacted said,  that we have only one cage which is installed in Rajpora, as there was a report about the injury of a Sikh person. Due to strike we are unable to bring cage here and within couple of days we will install cage in dar ganie gund village. Replying to question about compensation of ali mohd sheikh whose calf was  killed in bear attack last night, officer added that will submit the report and if there will be any policy for compensation department will compensate.

When contacted WLW Shopian, he said, “Matter was taken up with Range officer and rescue team has been deputed to the site”.  Imtiyaz Hussain, Range officer Khanagund when contacted said, that they have only one cage which is installed in Rajpora adding that will send squad to spot and will analyse the ground reality.