Watch: Congress’ Priyanka Chaturvedi mocks Smriti Irani with Kyunki… song

New Delhi |Updated: April 14, 2019

A day after Smriti Irani filed her nomination from Amethi Lok Sabha constituency declaring that she did not complete her graduation, Congress’ Priyanka Chaturvedi has spoofed Irani’s hugely famous television show mocking the BJP minister.

In a video released by news agency ANI, Congress national spokesperson in a press conference hummed the title track of the show while changing the lyrics to mock the former HRD minister.

Chaturvedi is heard saying, “A new serial is going to come, ‘Kyunki Mantri Bhi Kabhi Graduate Thi”

She goes on to sing “Qualifications ke bhi roop badalte hain, naye-naye sanche mein dhalte hain, ek degree aati hai, ek degree jaati hai, bante affidavit naye hain. ”

Smriti Irani filed her nomination papers yesterday in which she stated that she completed her senior secondary school in 1993 but did not complete graduation as she left it in 1994.

While in her affidavit for 2014 polls, Irani had reportedly said that she had graduated from Delhi University’s School of Open Learning with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1994. ( The Indian express )


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