The escalating violence in Jammu & Kashmir

The conflict ridden state of Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing the ever-increasing violence day-by-day.

When India managed to control and contained the armed resistance since 1990, the recent years witnessed the recurrence of militant activities manifold and youth are joining the militant ranks unstoppable.

The highly educated youth have found it viable to pick up arms instead of pen in order to mark the stiff resistance.

The political solution of this conflict is so far proven an exercise in futility. The conflict has consumed thousands of lives and the rights groups haven’t been able to engage themselves vigorously to put hold on the growing alleged human rights violations in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The present regime is trying to control the situation with the iron fist which has led to the more anger amongst the youth of Kashmir against India.

Home minister, Rajnath Singh’s, latest visit gave a grim response over the deteriorating state of affairs in the State and said “terror and talks can’t go together” probably he is waiting when the last guns stops to roar.

Many mainstream political leaders met Rajnath Singh including former CM Mehbooba Mufti and insisted to engage Pakistan in talks so that the situation should be improved and the present bloodshed should be put to an end.

On the other hand, voices are surging across India on the changing political approach towards the Jammu and Kashmir. “The issue of J&K is so sensitive that it is a sin to use it for petty political gains” this statement recently came from former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha headed– Concerned Citizens Group, but the government preserves the whole right and continues to project:  that the situation is improving and is far better than the preceding years.

The people have lost all the hope of peace as the government is adamant on its stance which has complicated the dispute further. Keeping this attitude in view the anger in the masses against India is growing day by day and that is why youth find no alternative other than the gun.

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