As the examinations are on, and it has been observed that candidates are facing hard time in examination halls lacking proper heating and lighting facilities during their annual exams being conducted by BOSE in the valley. At some exam centres in parts of Kashmir, students were provided candles and torches for writing their papers. Though the authorities make tall claims that the infrastructure in schools is being improved, students continue to struggle poor facilities mostly in government schools, most of which lack proper electricity facilities and backups. No proper arrangements were seen for students at exam centres. While chilly gusts were blowing , their examination rooms were kept open for sunlight to enter as there was no proper facility of electricity. At an exam centre in Kupwara, students were given candles in the absence of lighting arrangements and consequently some students had to hand over the paper to supervisory staff prior to the scheduled time which is really a big slap to BOSE and the director of school education, Kashmir. Parents also expressed dismay over poor facilities at exams centres.

The authorities should make it a priority to put in place adequate heating and lighting arrangements across examination halls. Under freezing cold and no proper lights, how would children write? Lack of proper facilities at examination centers can diverge the examinees attention to perform at their optimal levels.