Mehbooba greets Modi on Kartarpur corridor, seeks opening of road link to Sharada Peeth

Srinagar, Dec 01 2018

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chief and former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti has greeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi on opening up of Kartarpur corridor and has sought the opening of road link to Sharada Peeth, Hindu shrine, in Pak administered Kashmir, adding that “though it will be a measure specific to Pandit community but undoubtedly it would be welcomed by every citizen of Jammu and Kashmir.”

In a letter, a copy of which lies with addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mehbooba said, “I greet you on the opening up of Kartarpur corridor with Pakistan to facilitate the Sikh pilgrims visit to holly places in that country and hope it would be a new leaf in the painful history of India Pakistan relations and will be a first step towards rediscovering avenues of peace and prosperity.”

Saying that the PDP has always considered people to people contact between India and Pakistan as an important Confidence Building Measure (CBM) and has been repeatedly advocating reopening of traditional routes connecting India through Jammu and Kashmir with the world around it, Mehbooba told Modi,

“The initiatives taken by government of India by former Prime Ministers have resulted in opening of Muzafarabadand Rawalakot roads, adding that “there potential is yet to be realized. The opening of Kartarpur corridor has granted yet another window of opportunity.”

Saying that Sharada Peeth in Pak administered Kashmir is an outstanding relic of Kashmir’s glowing history, PDP chief said, “Though It connects the people here with their cultural and intellectual routes, for the Kashmir Pandits it is an important place of pilgrimage which was frequented by them till independence.

Their urge to open it to pilgrimage has been projected ever since Srinagar-Muzafarabad road. Kartarpur hasencouraged the Pandit community to see a possibility of the pilgrimage to Sharada Peeth in the same spirit.