Mansoor, Naeem, Naqash Reshi, Alam and others destroyed PDP for their Personal Benefits, brought the party on the verge of destruction; PDP Leaders Realistic Leaders including Beig, Mir, Rather, Paddar, Mufti , Sofi ,Qazi sidelined, A big political setback to PDP, ,Testing time for Mehbooba : Sources

Srinagar 14 Jan 2019

People of Kashmir including senior leaders ,ground workers of Former Chief Minister Mufi Muhammad Syeed alleged that the previous government was gripped in nepotism and favoritism thereby provided the top positions to their dear ones however, many senior leaders apprised Mehbooba Mufti on time but she ignored the views pointed by them.”

Meanwhile Some Senior PDP Workers and close Associates of Former Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed told that former MLAs were ruled by those, who lost elections but still continued to advise partypresident and former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti about matters. They destroyed PDP for their personal benefits,” they said.

Source told that Former Minister Naeem Akhter,Rafi Mir, Mansoor Hussain ,Former General Secretary central kmr, ,Salam Reshi former Vice chairman horticulture ,Former MLA Asia Naqash ,Khurshid Alam MLC ,Gul Dar Gul Commissioner Zonal President Shangas and many more self styled leaders are totally unaware about politics and the decisions taken by Former CM Mehbooba Mufti were also the results of wrong policies.

‘Former Roads & Buildings Minister, Naeem Akhtar and Mansoor Hussain have always misguided Mehbooba  with their wrong advice that subsequently results in formulating wrong policies and decisions.”they added.

According to some former legislators,the elected MLAs had to get recommendations of these so called Birbals for appointment with the minister.

Sources in PDP said many among the disgruntled former MLAs had spoken against the party leaders but others prefer to maintain silence due to some circumstances.

“It is Naeem Akhtar and Mansoor Suharawardy who were calling shots in the party and it is because of these two persons and Naeem Akhtar ruined the Department of Education and R&B. Akhter had never solved any problem of any PDP worker and spended  much time with non-party men.

Claiming that Governor’s rule is never in the interests ofpeople, they said, “People don’t want Governor rule. They want peoples’government so that they have easy access to corridors of power and thepolitical situation in the State changed dramatically after BJP withdrew support to Mehbooba-led PDP government on June 19 with BJP.

Sources said “we were shocked when former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti appointed Mansoor Hussain Suharawardy as the vice-chairman ofKhadi and Village Industries Board. This man in league with Naeem Akhtar sowed the seeds of animosity that led to the ouster of  Syed Altaf Bukhari, Javaid Mustafa Mir, Abdul Majeed Padroo and Muhammad Ashraf Mir from Council of Ministers. Mansoor knows the job well how to widen the gap between party legislators and workers,” A PDP former Legislator told.

Sources said that Former Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti,always feels that  Naeem Akhtar and Mansoor Saharawardy,Salam Reshi, Khurshid Alam, Rafi Mir  were assets to the party though we repeatedly informed her about the anti-party activities that these two persons indulged into. They added that both Akhtar and Mansoor destroyed the party that late Mufti Muhammad Sayeed “founded with hard work and hard labor”.

Source said that since the PDP led Government came to power, Naeem, who allegedly failed to manage Education and R&B Ministry given to him, had been leaving no stone un turned to help a particular group in whatever way he could only to gain their goodwill.

But on the whole Naeem, Mansoor are often seen as an inexperienced man into politics who couldn’t do justice with the portfolio of Ministry he was assigned. His eight months of career as Education Minister have been marred by controversies with teachers often taking to streets against his “illogical and dictatorial policies.”

They said that Abdul Salam Reshi resident of Akingam in Anantnag District was a employee of Agriculture Department and joined DPN headed by former Minister Gh Hassan Mir and Salam Reshi fought Assembly electionsin 2008 on DPN Ticket. Salam Reshi and Yousf Bhat was also witness  in killing of Haji Yousf’s case and SalamReshi and Mohammed Yusuf Bhat were arrested from the Former Chief Minister OmarAbdullah”s residence on September 28,2011.

Salam Reshi had been appointed as Vice-Chairperson of the State Horticulture Development Board as good for nothing and also Some Political advisors, Private and personal Secretaries ,PRO’s of Mehbooba Mufti including a JK Bank official were involved in the corruption practices and destroyed the party image.

Dozens of Senior workers and Legislators lashes out on previous Government and highly criticized the policies that were adopted by former chief Minster. “We were not satisfied with the work or policies that were undertaken during PDP and BJP regime,” who did not want to be named, said.

Pertinently, Syed Altaf Bukhari, Javaid Mustafa Mir, Abdul Majeed Padroo and Muhammad Ashraf Mir were dropped from the Cabinet after Mehbooba Mufti assumed the charge of fomer Chief Minister in J&K  after the death of her father, Mufti Muhammad Sayeed was the first setback of PDP.

Locals of Anantnag told that  former minister and former parliamentarian and Two times member of Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly during 1983-1987 and 2002–2008 Dr Mehboob Beig who is inthe State politics for the past more than two decades and served in the Cabinet as one of the ace ministers of the State,is widely hailed as a person who gave huge employment in South Kashmir in particular has announced his support to Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, patron of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in November 2014.He also decided to withdraw his candidature for 2014 Assembly elections from Anantnag constituency and instead campaign for Sayeed had  been ignored and sidelined by the black mailers in the Party.

Sources said that Senior PDP leaders and these former sitting MLA’s including former Member Parliament, Dr Mehboob Beg has always stressed upon his party men to work towards strengthening the party, especially at a time when the‘democratic’ set-up was being threatened by some vested interests alsosi delined by the conspiracy of these Back biters and Birbals.

Close associates not  want to be named told that Mufti Sajjad, (IFS )Indian Forest Service was posted at Director Polution control Board  has joined PDP from South Kashmir who had opted for retirement from service after joining politics.

He was one of the close advisor of Former Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed had been sidelined by the conspiracy and devil role of Anti party activists. Mufti Sajjad has good faith among the common masses and the peopleof Anantnag but has been ignored by  Mehbooba Mufti and Naeem Akhtar and Peer Mansoor Hussain had misguided her with their wrong advice that subsequently results in formulating wrong policies and decisions.”they added.

Sources said that MLA Kokernag Abdul Rahim Rather and MLA Noorabad Abdul Majeed Padar are the first time MLA’sand 1st time seat for PDP, won with a good margin of about 5000 votes and were not treated well in the party and even their suggestions were ignored.

Hundreds of PDP Workers of Kashmir Valley alleged that PDP president Mehbooba Mufti has stripped the People friendly, close associates of Former Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed and some faithful senior leaders former MLAs including ,Syed Altaf Bukhari, Muzaffar Hussian Beig, Abdul Majeed Padar, MLA Kokernag Abdul Rahim Rather,Mohammad Ashraf Mir, Dilawar Mir, Qazi Mohammad Afzal, Abdul Gaffar Sofi, Peer Hussain, Bashir Ahmed Mir of Kangan from the job of handing the problems of party workers and has instead entrusted the work to her loyalists and recently in Party workers meeting some faithful senior leaders including Former Finance Minister Syed Altaf Bukhari who gave the blood to PDP had suggested some good ponits for better future of the PDP, Mehbooba Mufti again stripped them and their voice had been burgled by the Party President.

Mehbooba hadeven given party positions to those who contested against the PDP in the 2014elections in a bid to create an alternate leadership within the party. Theformer chief minister is also holding frequent party meetings to checkrebellion within her party.

Some legislators told that Akhtar ,Mansoor ,Rafi Mir, Khurshid Alam, Salam Reshi who had been interfering in the work of their Assembly constituencies and have not been elected from any of theconstituencies “we have been raising the issue that the top and SeniorLeaders Peer Hussain, Ab Gaffar Sofi, Bashir Ahmed Mir, Ab Majeed Padar ,DilawarMir, Qazi Afzal and other former MLAs have been facing difficulties, but no onewas listening in the party,” they said.

Already there is a big setback for the ruling People’s Democratic Party in Jammu and Kashmir, party legislator Vikramaditya Singh had resigned. Vikramaditya is the grandson of the last Dogra ruler Maharaja Hari Singh. The ruling legislator had alleged that the party had sidelined issues concerning the Jammu region.
In anothersetback for the PDP, the party’s youth wing vice president Vikram Singh joinedthe BJP and alleged the PDP had neglected Jammu and Ladakh after coming to power.

The BJP pulled out of its alliance with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir and the state was placed under Governor’s rule for the fourth time in the last one decade.

“The party has lost many supporters after it joined hands with the BJP, Sajad Lone’s PC and NC. Now, it remains to be seen whether the party will also lose its prominent workers to any other party in the coming days,” a PDP leader, who did not want to be named, said.

“There could be efforts by the Centre to make an alternate front in the coming months and try to poach the members from the PDP. This could be the biggest challenge. It has happened in the past and can’t be ruledout in the near future. That is going to be testing time for the party,”another PDP legislator said.

Mohammad Dilawar Mir, former Minster and Former General Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Former Health Minister  senior PDP leader and former Minister of State for Health Abdul Gaffar Sofi, Senior Peoples Democratic Party leader and former minister Peer Muhammad Hussain, Former Minister Qazi Afzal were considered to be very close to former chief minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, served as ministers have been ignored by the party leadership.

Meanwhile Mehbooba Mufti had already insisted that the PDP’s unlikely alliance with the BJP after an inconclusive election in 2014 wasn’t drive by its desperation to come to power but to work for the people but Now, the main grievances against the party leadership seems to be the perpetuationof dynastic rule, cronyism and a chief minister who remained cut off from theparty workers.

They told that under the leadership of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, who founded the People’s Democratic Party,every member was an equal stakeholder in the party.

They added that Mehbooba Mufti could not emerge as a leader as her relatives whom he called “self-styled leaders” who were “rejected by the people” had “become power brokers” who often undermined the party’s elected representative and grassroots workers.
They claimed that non-elected party members appointed to government positions were responsible for the ouster of former Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu on March 12.

Amid reports of the BJP trying to form a government in J&K with the support of the rebel People’s Democratic Party (PDP) former MLAs.

They have added that former PDP patron and late Chief Minister “Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s vision of bridging the growing divide between the three regions of the state also remains unfulfilled”.

“The people of Kashmir had many expectations with the PDP but the people were proved wrong and when the PDP was formed, we voted for it, thinking it as our own party. “PDP showed us  dreams of azadi, self rule, autonomy, return of power projects, relief against crackdowns, and livelihood to workers but did not deliver.”

There was a difference when they ruled the state first time. But, they committed the biggest mistake by going with the BJP,’’says some sufferer people of south kashmir.