Kupwara witnesses worst admin fiasco due to mass transfer of Naib Tehsildars


The presence of Naib Tehsildars in north Kashmir especially in Kupwara district is witnessing decline with every fresh transfer order. The transfer orders from past few months have triggered headache among the revenue officials and people.

In Kupwara single Naib Tehsildar (NT) has charges of five nayabats. Naib Tehsildar Drugmulla, Aijaz Ahmed is holding charge of four additional nayabat’s in Kupwara. According to reports Aijaz is Naib Tehsildar Drugmulla but due to recent transfer order he has been given additional charge of four nayabats including Khurhama, Wavoora, Lalpora and Kralpora. Locals of Lalpora and other villages said that it is impossible for a single naib Tehsildar to remain present at more than one place.

“Single Naib Tehsildar for five nayabat’s has resulted pilling up of files, NT Aijaz Ahmed is doing his best to redress the problems of people but it is impossible for him to remain physically present at more than one place” they said.

Meanwhile Kupwara district is witnessing worst administration fiasco due to mass transfer of Naib Tehsildars from Kupwara district to other districts.

Reports said that during the law and order issue in the district, the officials find it hard to find officers for magisterial duty as there is dearth of Naib Tehsildars, who act as magistrates in emergency. (PTK)