‘JKBOSE’s rescheduling Class 12 English paper nightmare for students’

SRINAGAR, OCT 27: The Jammu and Kashmir state board of school education (JKBOSE) released the reschedule date of English paper of 12th.

However, class 12 students are unhappy who are demanding change in the date sheet. The main concern for many is that there is no proper preparation gap between important papers. Many candidates are demanding a considerable day leave between the paper of additional subject.

A Science student from class 12 is unsatisfied for getting no preparation break for Biology paper. “They are giving single day off for the exam Biology. The biology paper are generally lengthy and we need time to revise this subject”  he added.

Moreover, a group of students said, there is no gap between additional and biology then how JKBOSE can add English paper before the day of biology paper. Asima Hameed, a science teacher from Srinagar said, “It will be hectic for students to revise the subject within a day. There should be at least a four day gap to study all the chapters,” said she.

JKBOSE has not considered the inconvenience faced by the students with such a packed schedule. This can affect our performance,’ claim students.

Haya Sheikh Student of Arts said that “there should be on change in date of English paper that English shouldn’t be taken on 02 Nov. she added that   cannot believe that there is only one day gap before additional and English, this is not fair. We, students need time to revise, this being one of the most important exam of our lives”.

Another student Amir speaking to Press Trust of Kashmir said that “I am almost ready to commit to suicide because of the date sheet, students are depressed, we request JKBOSE to look into this matter, either be ready if any student commit suicide”.

English exam has been scheduled on Nov 02, followed by Biology on Nov 2, raising concerns that with no break in between, preparations could get affected and lead to stress.

For the arts stream students, exams have been scheduled without break from Oct 31 to 02 Nov.

Meanwhile Jammu and Kashmir state board of school education chairmen Veena Pandita speaking to Press Trust of Kashmir said that “it’s not possible to make any kind of change in date sheet, students should adjust now”.  English paper is general for all either its medical students, arts students or commerce students, there is nothing wrong in date, and students should focus on exams she added.

When asked about the gap of 9 days in chemistry “she said that date sheet was already discussed with authorities there is no way to change it now”. “English is general for all, there will be no change in exam” she added