Is physical intimacy possible between a Jinn and human?

Is physical intimacy possible between a Jinn and human?

Some agree while some disagree.

The people who do not believe in such an union say that a subtle body and dense substance cannot foregather. But the people who believe in such union claim that one of the parrents of Bilqis (the wife of prophet Suliman) happened to be a Jinn.

It may not be out of place to mention that Jinns too have different beliefs. There are Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians and Unbelievers also among Jinns. Some are pious and virtuous some are wicked and sinful.

It is said that Jinns have been studying Islamic education in the famous Islamic Madrassa of Utter Pradesh called “Dar-ul-Aloom, Deoband”. This had been confirmed by some reputed teachers also. It is said that once the ‘Mohta’mim’ (V.C) of this Madrassa namely Hazrat Moulana Habib-ur-Rehman, witnessed two snakes quarreling during his midnight inspection. Books were laid open before them. Moulana scolded them and asked, “ Is it the time for studying or quarreling?”

On hearing this, both snakes returned to human forms and began to apologise. They promised not to repeat such acts in future.

The first seven persons among Jinns who accepted Islam were, Hassa, Massa, Shahrah, Nasirah, Ibn-ul-Arb, Abin and Rehzim.

Jinns were made of fire. It is said that the first Jinn created was “Marij” and subsequently a spouse “Marja” was created for him.

Death approaches them in a peculiar manner. It is said that they do not suffer death on the surface of earth but vanish inside the earth. Such disappearance is their perish-ability. It is claimed that death does not touch them in a youthful state. They perish in old age only. A few days before their last breath they return to their childhood state, which is the sign of their end.

Regarding the breeding, Jinns are born in different way. The Jinn dribbles an airy “drop” into the uterus of female Jinee, thus breeding of Jinns gets on.

A question gives a rise, if Jinn is made of fire, how then could he be tortured by the burns of fire in the hell, in case awarded such a punishment?

In this connection, it is suggested that a human and stone, both are made of earth. So when a stone can harm a human, naturally more intense fire of hell can torture a Jinn!

There are many realities beyond human comprehension. Man has been making guesses at such incomprehensible matters. So what actually is the reality of a ghost?

In fact, I worked a lot to find out the truth about ghosts and then wrote a book on the accounts of ghosts with the title‘KNOTTY MYSTERIES’. I met many people in this regard and gathered as much information as possible.

It is said that twelve thousand years before the creation of Adam, jinn’s came to existence and inhabited the earth. Afterwards their villainy exceeded bounds and their evil intensified. So God sent eight hundred apostles to reform them, but they did not leave off waywardness and rebellion. Jinn’s also killed many apostles, so God‘s wrath descended and an enormous number of jinn’s perished.

Jinn’s are in three kinds:

(1) Those that live in the shape of insects (2) Those that live in air like air (3) Those that exist in human form. Some people have the art to captivate the jinn’s and they then employ them for desired deeds.

God has formed all the creation of heavens and earth with five forces, i.e.

  1. Intellect ii. Vision iii. Thought    iv.  Lust   v. Anger.

It is man only who is gifted with all the five senses while intellectual power of angles is domineering over vision, thought, lust and anger. Jinn’s visionary power is dominant over his intellect, anger and lust. In animals, lust and anger are predominant over intellect, vision and thought.

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