Internet is one of the greatest and biggest inventions ever of science and technology.  Without shadow of doubt life would suffer a lot without it, this is the reason our present era is considered as the time of internet .Internet and social sites are serving as a medium of communication through which people can engage in different aspects of dialogue, Surely it is the one and only invention of science and technology which has turned globe into global online village. Its users are closely half of world’s population that is over 4.2 billion out of 7.7 billion and 3.3 billion people are actively involved in social media circle. Internet has become vital for our lives giving access to large volume of precious and valuable information necessary for our survival in this era of digitalization. all the newspapers, magazines & records are available on internet, the possibilities on internet are unlimited. Internet services are provided by both government and private organizations,

It would not be bad/strange if we use the term “internet” as a backbone of this modern era, and integral part of our life. Meanwhile while writing this article my mind reminds me some 10 years back discussion, during golden  days of college time, I used to discuss with one of my best friend Mr. Gh.Rasool Malik Sb, regarding the issue of social media, while keeping in view the scenario and circumstances that government should implement some rules and regulations for users, that there should be some kind of eligibility and criteria for users  so that the results would be fruitful and beneficial for an individual , for a society (an opinion)

Positive use of internet make our lives easy and simple . it provides us useful data, information and knowledge for the personal, social and economic development and verily it is up to us how to utilize, our time on the worldwide web in a constructive manner. The internet is a revolution in information and technology and undoubtedly the largest source of information in this modern era. There is a huge amount of essential and mandatory information on the internet for just about every subject known to man. Time has  passed by when consents were needed to update thoughts, views and opinions on biased media oulets. Surely talents were dying without platforms which may become a reason for their promotion , social networking has influenced every corner of the globe and made it possible and easy for man .Modern life has become much easier and the people of the world should be grateful to the immense contribution of the internet technology.

Surely it is rightly said that we don’t have choice whether we use social media or not! The question is that how we use it. Surely , it is the matter of usage! “Using the internet is just like using a knife, if we use it correctly and wisely, it is a helpful tool, but if we use wrongly, it can cause harm, therefore we should not just avoid using the internet, instead we should learn how to use it properly”. Social media can be used in a way that it can shape the politics, education, culture, business, career, talents and innovations rather to share and discuss useless fictitious and concocted issues. Social media like Facebook, instaragam, whats app, is not to share your notorious and provocative photos rather these important applications can be used as beautiful and powerful tools for society to be a good social reformer/ worker. Sometimes I fail to understand why people use fake accounts to create chaos in the society. Even some egoistic people  using social  media for  their  fun and  don’t  know it can ruin someones precious life, before  couple of days i came to know  that a girl committed suicide in pulwama , Kashmir after a man allegedly posted her  picture on social media.

Cyberbullying is the most common threat that we may face while using the Social Networking sites. On these sites spreading false rumors about someone is relatively very easy. Also, people can post anonymous posts about someone on various sites without revealing their own identity. Cyberbullies send insulting and hateful messages to their target, spread lies about them and posts nasty comments on social media making the victim unable to face the society.

However for all its advantages and pastime aspects the internet has its dark and ugly side as well, In earlier times whenever relatives, friends and colleagues used to visit someone’s home as a guest they were used to treat in a good manner and indulge in a long dialogue together on different topics and issues. But unfortunately nowadays reality is that room/house would be full of members but everyone is seen  busy with their smart phones even guests as well, no one is interested to share their views, opinions with each other, Shocking is that it doesn’t happens/practices with our guests, friends or colleagues only, the disease has been dissolved in our homes as well with our family members either it is son, daughter, brother, sister, or daughter in law, Generation gap has been demolished . It has been observed that  while living under the same roof sometimes  family members are like strangers at strange place while remaining busy and interconnected with their smart phones ,they use to chat with  those who are far from them and even sometimes they have never seen them and don’t bother to communicate each other with face by fluent.

It has been observed that  Physically a child is present in front in front of parents, but the reality is that his/her soul is somewhere else as he /she is busy with personal laptop or smart mobile phone, indeed the soul is roaming in another world of fantasy.Besides that some students lose concentration on their studies, and  are  likely to neglect their important education, because they spent too much time on internet  and the trend goes on.

Nowadays there are too many dangerous internet games like PUBG that contain violence and surely that affects the negative influence to children .our valley is  witness of many children who have been the victims of same. That is why government has taken a step to impose ban on the dangerous game for the fruitful results of blooming buds of the society.Sitting continuously in front of computer screen and mobile screen can seriously damage one’s precious eyes, and put a strain in our neck and shoulder especially to  children during their  developing years and these factors can create lifelong posture deformity for them. To avoid all of such alarming problems we must be cautious at  earliest.

By way of conclusion one of close and best friend Mr, Mohammad safi Butt Sb,while having a short and valuable dialogue with him before couple of days at his blessed residence   pondered me to pen down some lines ,So I tried to write some brokenlines for the readers and you also are reading it through the internet , which itself is the positive side of internet usage,so lastly it is for us to decide whether we use technology for the betterment of our lives or put it to unabated abuse, children’s may not be mature enough to understand this, but we as parents, teachers and guardians needs to ensure that we inoculate the right behaviors in our children’s, make ensure that we take a responsibility to guide the children how to use internet wisely and ensure them to get always right and beneficial information from internet.

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