Head Office of AL-REZA Health Care & Research Foundation Kargil inaugurates

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Kargil 25 November 2018:-President Anjuman e Jamaiat ul Ulema Isna Ashriya Kargil Hujjatul Islam Sheikh Nazir Mehdi Mohammadi inaugurated the Head office of (AL-Reza Health Care and research Foundation on sunday.
In presence of Ullema Council and Doctors, on 25th of Nov. 2018,Sunday evening at Inqallab Manzil, on  the auspicious occasion of ‘ Eid Millad un Nabi(S.A.W)
Dr Mohd Zakir, Spokesperson of AL-REZA HC &RF, on the occasion briefed the President and Ullema Council about the achievements and activities of AL-REZA HC &RF for the welfare of  poor & needy patients of Kargil and briefed about  its future objectives.
Ullema Council of Anjum e Jamaiat ul ulema Isna Ashriya Kargil congratulated the Doctors of its Health wing for their tireless services for the patients of Kargil.
President Anjuman e Jamaiat ul ulema Isna Ashriya Kargil Sheikh Nazir Mehdi appreciated the doctors of AL-REZA HC &RF for keeping their activities on Sundays only and working hard in the Hospital.
Sheikh Nazir also emphasized that the prime motto of AL-REZA is to strengthen District Hospital kargil and peripheral Health institutions.
Sheikh Nazir Mehdi also vowed to built a Super-Speciality Fatima Hospital in near future to Catter to the increasing burden of patients in future.
Sheikh Nazir Mehdi Mohammadi also appreciated the tireless work done by  ex-president AL REZA, Dr Imtiyaz Hussain and appreciated the role of present President Dr Fatima Nissa to carry the mission of AL REZA to further heights….