From NIA Raids to Highway Closure,Kashmir has been turned into Battleground

Since the day of Pulwama Suicide Attack, the government of India in collaboration with government of Jammu and Kashmir is implementing different policies to supress the voice of ongoing struggle of Kashmiri’s for their right to self determination. The government of India has tried many policies and methods to eliminate the struggle leadership like they did in Punjab in 1984. For that purpose, Innocent civilians including young students, businessmen, government employees, old aged persons are being placed under notorious PSA. Even women and disabled persons are not spared. The government of India has handed over Kashmir valley to CBI and NIA in order to detain the JRL leaders so that their type of peace could be restored which they think can be restored by suppress, detention, custodian killings, harassment, and raids. It can be Track lll of government of India to be tried after getting failed in its earlier twin Tracks. History itself is a witness that none freedom struggle throughout globe has been peaceful. The occupier has even been implementing different draconian policies to supress the voice of the people who are under illegal subjugation.

In order to retain Kashmir valley under occupation, and to spread fear among people, government of India further extended their policies by banning Jamat-e-lslamia Jammu & Kashmir and placing its leadership under illegal detention. The question arises that ; Can they suppress the seven decades old struggle by implementing these draconian and anti-constitutional policies? The ground reality says no.

Now, government of India puts lone National Highway of Kashmir under ban. Though it is for only two days in a week but its repercussions can be more drastic. The ban has been condemned by all parties of Jammu and Kashmir. The Highway closure can hit the economy of the state in general and livelihood of common masses in particular. The Highway connects the North Kashmir and South Kashmir with central Kashmir and Summer Capital. The ban can endanger the livelihood of daily working labourers. It can let the patients to die on way. lt can let the students to miss their classes and examinations. It can obstruct the common people to reach their homes. By implementing, testing and trying the failed policies; Kashmir valley has been turned into a battleground, where people have no fundamental, legal, social and human rights. They live without any rights unlike the fellow citizens residing outside of the valley.

Militarisation of roads, cities, towns and villages of Kashmir has led the people to live a life without any dignity, security and rights. They live a miserable, undignified and fearful life. Earlier, security forces were given unconditional powers to fire pellets and bullets upon Kashmiri’s. The results of which are best to known to everyone. The treatment of government in general and paramilitary forces in particular with the people of valley is unhumanistic, draconian and unethical. The people of valley has no fear of death, even they like to die while fighting against occupation. It is because of the policies and methods, the government of India has been trying since 1989 that people of Kashmir triumph over fear. The government of India is taking consultations from the government of Israel over the polices they use to suppress Palestinians, and same policies and methods are tried here no doubt these policies didn’t succeeded in valley to a large extent.

The government of India and government of Jammu and Kashmir need to rethink over their policies and programmes which has alienated the mainstream including common people of the state. These policies and programmes will not suppress the unheard voice of the people. In fact, these policies escalate the already uncontrollable problem of Kashmir. The government of India has limited their famous word, “Integral Part”, limited to their speeches and press conferences only, which has exposed them throughout the globe. It is the result of India’s state sponsored terrorism which has forced the people to hit the streets for their rights. Now, global leaders and organizations including European Union is pressing hard India to stop Human Rights abuses in valley and give them their right to self determination.

The Author is a Freelance Writer from Raiyar Doodhpathri  and can be reached at

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