Farooq Abdullah sabotaged idea of PDP-NC alliance: Naeem Akhtar

Srinagar, Apr 08 2019

Senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader and former minister Naeem Akhtar said that Farooq Abdullah killed the idea of PDP-NC alliance to keep BJP away from Kashmir.

In a Facebook comment to a post regarding the possibility of NC-PDP alliance akin to SP-BSP alliance in UP, Akhtar said since Farooq Abdullah is charge sheeted by CBI into cricket scam, so “he was obliged” to kill the idea to do his “historical duty or face the other possibility”.

Naeem added: That would have been good sense. But it was sabotaged by Dr Farooq and your party’s permanent candidate for Rajya Sabha. It’s actually congress NC that killed the idea. Farooq saheb has a reason as he is charge sheeted by CBI in cricket scam. The case is in court for 9 months and can be decided in 2/3 hearings.

That is in sharp contrast to how things are done in rest of the country. If Farooq saheb wins, which I doubt, he will be obliged to do his historical duty as always or face the other possibility.

Similar is the case with the party with which you are officially associated. We were always open to it and ultimately decided unilaterally to stay away to ensure anti BJP vote doesn’t get divided.

You know all this but I explain only for the readers who take on face value whatever is stated here.

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