Delay in implementation of decision regarding 7th pay commission big question mark on Guv admin’s credibility: Wani

Srinagar, Oct 25 2018

President EJAC and Chairman Teachers Joint Action Committee Abdul Qayoom Wani on Thursday chaired an emergency meeting of Teachers Joint Action Committee at Srinagar.

Governor administration for playing with the sentiments of builders of nations by all means.
Wani said that after negotiation with Governor of State along with Advisor Khurshid Ahmed Ganie, Secretary Education Ajit Kumar Shahu, Director Education Kashmir Gh. Nabi Itoo, Director Samagra Tufail Ahmad Mattoo in which Governor of J&K has announced that 7th pay commission will be released in favour of SSA Teachers,

Head Teachers and RMSA Masters, Head Masters from Sept. 2018 and described this demand genuine and justified besides other demand of linking of salaries with state sector and creations of posts, and on the directions of the Governor, the said decision was publicly announced by Advisor Khurshid Ahmed Ganie at hunger strike camp under the banner of Teacher Joint Action Committee at Partap Park before huge gathering of print and electronic media and thousands of teachers who had come for solidarity with their brothers on hunger strike.

“But it is unfortunate that instead of releasing salary of Sept. 2018 with 7th pay commission to end chaos and confusion among the teaching fraternity Govt. has added fuel to the fire by releasing salary of July which has been their legitimate right and has been delayed by incompetent govt. due to unknown reasons,” he said.

He said that it seems Govt is killing time and this attitude of Govt. tells upon the credibility of Governor of J&K, his Advisors in particular and the Governor Administration in General.

Wani said that if Babu’s of Governor Administration are not in a position to implement the decision of Governor and his commitment with the builders of nation how come common people can expect justice in this state of affairs. “This tactful delay in implementing Governor’s commitment/decision announced publicly is a big question mark on the Governor administration which needs immediate and serious action from His Excellency Governor of J&K,” he said.

He said that some Babu’s at highest position in Finance department are always hell bent upon to damage employees’ cause by their negative mindset and enough is enough. Time has come now to expose those Babu’s publicly. Wani said that this illogical and unjustified delay in resolving 7th pay commission issue has created chaos and confusion in the Education department which has negatively the academic of our future.

Wani has warned dire consequences if commitment made with the builders of nation in General and the leaders of Teachers Joint Action Committee in particular, may not be implemented in letter and spirit at an earliest. He also appealed the teaching fraternity not to lose heart by these childish activities by some Babu’s and TJAC leaders all over the state are on the job to get this issue resolved as per the aspiration of the teaching fraternity by putting everything at stake.

He said that it is unfortunate that some people are celebrating delay which is very unfortunate because this is our common cause and common cause need common pain, common strategy, common approach to get issues resolved. “If Governor administration will go for any more delay in resolving the issues TJAC will be constraint to announce unique type of agitation which will shake the resolve of Govt,” he said.

Wani said that by releasing pay of July is nothing new for teaching community it was our pending arrears but getting 7th pay commission from Sept. 2018 is cause of concerned for everybody and hopefully EJAC will succeed and getting it resolved. All the leaders of Teacher Joint Action Committee were present in the meeting.

Wani said that “we are enclosed contact leaders of Jammu Province Ganesh Khajuria, Vinod Sharma, Khadim Raza of Kargil and others to chalk out strategy for which an emergency meeting has been called on Saturday at Head Office Srinagar.