Case Filed in NHRC against missing Kashmiri student from Sharda University

By Mirza Jahanzeb Beg  Srinagar 01 Nov 2018

Human Rights Defenders Adv Syed Mujtaba and Mirza Jahanzeb Beg have Filed a case in National Human Rights Comission against the disappearance of a Kashmiri Student from Sharda University New Delhi. According to the Report, Ehtisham Bilal, an Eighteen years old boy went missing on 28 October. It is said that he was beaten by some Local Students on October 4 and later on he went missing. He was a student of Radiology.

Briefing the press, Activists said that the number of Kashmir students being attacked and Harassed in Indian Colleges and Universities is raising at an alarming pace. There have been various cases of Students disappearing frim the Universities and colleges and it is not known whether they are alive or dead. The media has created a dangerous Image of Kashmir in India which leads to hate crimes against the Kashmiri Students in Indian Universities.

Also, the Rising Intolerance, culture of Mob lynching, religious fanaticism, pseudo nationalism and Islamophobia has further escalated the situation. Moreover, There are reports that Universities are being asked by the Investigation agencies to submit the profiles of Kashmiri students which further isolates them and is very unfair.

This gives the impression that the Goons, Communal Forces and Government agencies are on the same page regarding their opinion about Kashmiri students. We are concerned about the safety of our children and urge the Government to form a committee to address the grievances of Kashmiri students and to trace the missing students, ensure their security and take strict actions against the culprits involved in any kind of harassment or hate crime against the Students.

We Demand That MHA and HRD must Ensure the Safety of Kashmiri Students studying at different states of India. Inquiry should be initiated in case their is any negligence from the side of investigating authorities or management of the concerned universities.  We have filed a case with the National Human Rights Commission and we will monitor the cases of Disappearance of Kashmiri students and also write to the International Human Rights Monitoring Agencies to demand the Government to take immediate action.