BJP making 35-A poll plank to divert attention from real issues: Kadfeen


Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Tuesday ridiculed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over making removal of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status a main poll plank, stating that the unique position was accorded to state by country’s constitution and nobody has authority to take that away from it.

Reacting to BJP’s poll manifesto in which it predominantly speaks about abrogating Article 35-A and 370, Kadfeen said that it is ironic how BJP is trying to befool people by raking up such emotive issues in a bid to score political points. He said that when the country is reeling under a very dangerous trend of joblessness, rising fuel prices, failing economy and is yet to come out of the shock of demonetisation and GST, BJP is trying hard to divert attention of the common masses from the real issues.

He said that the BJP should understand how much damage its politics of deceit, deception and communalism has done to the country and how the party has launched an offensive against the very idea of India. He added that Article 35-A and 370 forms the core identity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and there are several other states in the country wherein similar arrangements were made after independence. “There is Article 370, 371 371 (A) and so on. Why the BJP is singling out Jammu and Kashmir only. The reason is simple. It wants to play politics  in the name of religion and turn the otherwise secular and tolerant country into a hub of communal hatred,” said Kadfeen.

According to him, BJP is living in a fool’s paradise that its such tactics are going to succeed in any way.   Kadfeen said that the people of the state are wise enough to defeat such seditious and  inciting actions of the BJP and make Congress  victories in the state as well as in the country (PTK)

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