BDO-MLA Kupwara confrontational audio goes viral


An audio has gone viral on social media in which MLA Kupwara Bashir Dar and BDO have confrontational conversation . The BDO is heard as saying that MCC is in progress and they should respect it.

“Hello, you are efficient and well educated that is why I am respecting you, you are playing National game (Political Party), but listen this is called Kupwara and Bashir Ahmad Dar is its Member Legislative Assembly (MLA) and you are BDO and you are my subordinate,” MLA Kupwara said in an audio message.

However BDO was heard as saying, that BDO is not your subordinate and I am the only subordinate of DC, ADC, and of Director only, and not of MLA. “I am respecting and honoring you, being a public representative, you are the Honorable MLA and I am the public servant only”, BDO said.

The BDO said that, you please read the service rules, and according to them I am doing my duty and following it. However MLA was heard as saying that, you read service rules, your DC and Chief Secretary is the subordinate of MLA and you are teaching me the Model Code of Conduct (MCC).

“We cannot the violate MCC and we have to remain cautious, as there are strict rules adhered by Election Commission of India”, said BDO.

After the audio goes viral across the social media sites, district administration Kupwara issued the following order “In the interest of administration the following transfers and posting are herby ordered with immediate effect. Abdul Ahad Wani I/C BDO Keran shall look after the work of Block Hirri Qadirabad and Trehgam in additional to his own duties, Nagina Orveen I/C BDO Natnussa Shall look after the work of Block Drugmulla in addition to his own duties, Hanifa Begum is transferred and posted in block Langate, Ghulam Mohammad sheikh is transferred and posted in block Mawar (Qalamabad). (PTK)