Anybody’ is ‘nobody’ for New Delhi: Tarigami on Rajnath’s offer of dialogue with ‘anybody’

Srinagar, Oct 23 2018

CPI(M) Secretary and MLA Kulgam M Y Tarigami on Tuesday said that the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement that they were ready to talk with anybody who wants to talks is vogue. Who is this ‘anybody’? Till now ‘anybody’ means with nobody. New Delhi knows the voices with whom they have to talk in Kashmir, but intentionally they are avoiding the dialogue.

Tarigami said “reality is that there is no way out but dialogue. It is really painful to see killings happening everyday in Kashmir. But unfortunately, New Delhi is watching all this like a mute spectator and are in mood to solve the problems through a dialogue.”

“The hawkish elements in India appear to be opposed to dialogue process. Even otherwise also, the right-wing ruling establishment in India does not have any thought process that favours resolution of all the contentious issues through talks and negotiations, in which there are always highs and lows as dialogue moves forward”, Tarigami added.

He said that the BJP leadership is celebrating that there was no violence in Kashmir during the recently concluded sham Urban Local Body elections. What about other incidents in which civilians are being killed every day? Is it enough that there was no violence during the ULB polls to celebrate? The Home Minister should have spoken how credible the elections were without the participation of people. Isn’t the participation of people in elections important for New Delhi?