an initiative to curb the social evils in Kashmir by Youth Development Front

Drugs ruins mental, psychological and physical health and destroy everything that goes along with your self esteem. Sheikh Minhaj Larvi

Hope Ray Hope for all in association with Hooked Cafe organised a programme at Khayyam Srinagar on elimination of all social issues in Kashmir with the motto “WAL AZ TULAV AKH KADAM”
 Valley based, renowned socio political activist Sheikh Minhaj Larvi speaking on the occasion said “The valley of Kashmir is suffering from two problems, the Kashmir issue and the issues in Kashmir. With nearly whole nation being tangled with the former issue it is seldom that people take their attention towards social issues in Kashmir we must take an imitative against drug abuse, harassment of women and all those social evils which demolished our conscience.”
  Minhaj lauded the work of police in the way they have made sure the drug abusing menace of the valley is curbed while appreciated the way they took to counter the problems of eve teasing and other social evils.
Moreover he stressed that the role of parents also have to take active role in keeping a check to the evils of drug abuse. He urged the police dept to work more like they have beginning  and also establish more drug de addiction centres so that people who are addicted can be treated and brought back to the main stream working of day to day chores of life.
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