Gh. Hassan Subla’s compiled book “Gunj-i Morifat” translated version of chapter 2 and 3

Providential Admiration (Chapter 2)

Once Baba Farid (R.A.) by chance convenes with Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Wahid (R.A.) who had confined himself into the cave, as Baba Farid (R.A.) approached into the cave, Sheikh Abdul Wahid (R.A.) described his state of Love. Sheikh Abdul Wahid (R.A.) revealed “Look into my eyes; they are thawing down in the fire of separation, just after few days after liquefying will be engrossed in the soil. Look at my legs; I am deprived of one leg. From decades together   I have divorced the mundane concerns.  I am in this consolation for last70 years. And I have eschewed all worldly associations. A few days back a woman came into this cave, her exquisiteness lured me to extend that I start walking off the cave, as I was in a progress to move, and a mystic voice chained my feet forever and communicated “Where are you going, what goes off to the declaration of your love for me”. I returned to the cave and cut off my leg. For last 30 years, I am repenting in regret with a turbulent heart for how can I show this face to my friend at Doomsday” After listening to Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Wahid, Baba Farid wept bitterly and in the heart of hearts revealed that this earth is copious with His lovers. Sheikh Abdul Wahid (R.A.) stood up and embraced Baba Farid and he felt as if this entire body was scorched. It was Sheikh Abdul Wahid’s heart burning grief that anyone who so was in close proximity could feel the impact.

Do Aalam sai Baigana Karti Hein Dil Ko

Ajab Chez Hein Lazat-i- Aashnai


In this connection Shanas Faqir (A Kashmiri Sufi Poet) says:

 Ashq Chie Tembri Hana Chu Zalan Khar Mana

The admiration is like a spark and it can blaze a thousand tones of wood

            This essence of acquaintance escorted Baba Farid (R.A.) to the gathering of Hazrat Qutub Bakhtaya Kaki Chisti (R.A) {Guru of Baba Farid (R.A.)} where Baba Farid (R.A.) knelt down before his guru and wept acrimoniously and repeatedly asked for the mercy.  Baba Farid (R.A.) benefited from Hazrat Qutub’s refuge and the thrill of love in his heart was like a blazing volcano. Khawaja Garib Nawaz (R.A) has stated that when Sheikh Taie (R.A.) appeared out of his worship hall, his eyes had put up the shutters. After intervention by someone Sheikh Taie (R.A.) declared that for last 45 years he is in this state so as not to see anyone except his friend.

The principle of creation (Chapter 3)

Kunta Kanzan Makhfian, fahbbtu ana airifu fakhlakkutulkhalaq ( Hadith Kudsi)

I was a concealed treasure. I wished to be acknowledged, then O Mohammad (SAW) I send you and then from that Noor the entire cosmos was created.

As narrated by Khawaja Habib-u-llah Nowsheri (R.A)

Kunta Kanzan Aavie Surtan Manz Chavie

Chus Mohammad (SAW) Navie Yara Gathav Devaie

The hidden treasure was open to the elements and the stature thereby brought about was of Mohammad (SAW). Let us follow the truth.

One more Kashmiri Sufi poet namely Niyama Sahib says:

Aval Aav Noori Mohammad Ashq Aosus Jarie Ada Aav baba Aadam, AdamAav Yech Kalie

First of all came into view Noori Mohammad, followed by Love, then Adam and finally the man

Awal Ma KhalaqAllah Noorie (First thing that The God fashioned was my Noor)…Saying of Prophet (SAW)

O Mohammad (SAW) the entire cosmos is manifested from your Noor, from this Noor rest of the candles were blazed, in this Light, I could see Me and blazed the other candles of the universe, in this Holy Light witnessed a stature and the entire cosmos glowed.

Out of Spiritual (Ruhani) (Mohammad) and physical (Safli)(Adam) one lakh, 24 thousand messengers from Adam to Mohammad were sent.

“Yakruj min baini-I sulub wa-l-tirabib Inahu Ala Rajahu-l qadir) …………Quran

God has created the man between the back bone and ribs and the God has the power to call him back (to Him).

Mushtaque B Barq is a columnist besides a poet and short story writer.