Villages stakburik and its adjacent area’s crisis of power supply, residents demands providing Chutuk power supply

Sankoo 7 August 2018

The villages stakburik and its nearby areas include  Stakburik,Karchey khar and stakungung have express strong resentment over disruption of power which received from the DG Generator set since two days due to shortage of diesel as the result the village have reeling under darkness. Power failure has become a norm rather than an exception in this area.

The people’s of this affected area have been suffering hugely due to inconvenience for power supply.

This causing immensly  inconvenience for the people of this villages particularly this problem is faced by the children of school education who are busy preparing for their study.that it is become impossible to concentrate on studies of the childrens with absence of power supply during evening time.

Despite people of this area,having taken up this issue at various platform including the local media,nobody seems to be intrested on resolving this important issue of public intrest says,Sakinder Ali Gowa a local resident.

The resident of this area are demanding to provide Chutuk power supply and also sought intervention to local government and Power Development Department kargil to look into the matter on priority and resolve this critical issue in the interest of the people’s.