Vikar Rasool thanks people for supporting congress candidates

Banihal, Nov 28 2018

Recent held ULB and panchayat elections has exposed the secret alliance of NC, PDP and BJP in Banihal as all these parties were fighting together and received major setback with results disclosed by former Minister and senior congress leader Vikar Rasool Wani in a press conference.

Vikar Rasool Wani said that the developmental magic of congress party worked in ULB and panchayat elections as the party received land slide victory in all the panchayats and ULB elections.

Vikar criticized the fake propaganda of boycott parties for claiming the major seat share in panchayat elections. He challenged the local NC and PDP leadership to arrange open show of the winning candidates or be ready to receive another shock when congress will show the 50 sarpanches and 150 panches who won on congress support.

In his concluding lines Vikar Rasool Wani thank the general public of his constituency for bestowing their trust on congress candidates for ensuring land slide victory in recent concluded panchayat and ULB elections.

Vikar Rasool said that recent elections was a trail for the opposition in Banihal but their performance has add dust to their expectations by getting badly rejected by people in maximum panchayats and municipal wards, the irony of the scene is that NC leader Sajjad Shaheeen fail to save his own Municipal ward, where as his block president of Ukerhal lost his home panchayat by congress.

He added that NC failed to open account in Ramsoo and Ukerhal block, where as PDP and BJP win less than ten seats together in all panchayats of Banihal constituency