Veeri concerned over paucity of transport to Kashmir’s fruit growers

SRINAGAR, OCT 01: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) vice president Abdul Rahman Veeri has urged the Governor administration to ensure proper transportation for the export of fruits from Kashmir Valley as  according to him paucity of same is taking toll on the industry at present.


In a statement issued here, Veeri said that due to the lack of transportation facilities for the export of fruits especially apples amid the harvest season is causing heavy losses to the fruit growers in Kashmir and that the government has to act immediately to save the already perturbed industry from another catastrophe like situation.


The PDP Vice President added that such dreadful crises on ground the black marketing  in the export of fruits is taking toll,resulting in the abrupt and unprecedented spike of transportation charges.He added that due to the wide wedge between the demand and supply,the fruit growers are being fleeced by the transportation companies


He added that the fruits have been packed and kept ready by the orchidists for the export to the outside state markets but the lack of transportation facilities is leaving the precious crop to rot in stores.


PDP vice President added that Horticulture is the mainstay of the economy in Kashmir with 2.3 million people associated with the sector and 237,000 hectares of land in the valley under fruit cultivation and that areas devoted to apple production at present are about 133,2810 hectares.


“Such a huge industry contributing to state’s economy at large should have a constant and persistent government attention and measures needed for the industry to thrive should have been taken by the government much prior to the harvest season in the state. However, there are fears that the scarcity of the transportation facility would leave the producers in dire straits,” Veeri said.


He urged the state dispensation to immediately take all needed measures to ensure that proper transportation facilities are made available for the export of the fruits from the state and allow orchardists to earn decent livelihood after the year’s hard work.