Tourism and the Melancholic tale of J&k Tourism Professionals

In the entire globe the word competition is the reputed term as a root of modern development. The competition is the progressive movement, which compels every nation to fill the form under the reminiscent pace. The progressive movement is the economic race which is just dream in modern era without tourism as tourism is the Siamese twins of harmony and peace at your home and outside the home. Without above conjoined twins no nation can envisage the economic growth. To enrobe the race many alien countries i.e.  France, United states, Spain, China, Italy,  UK, Germany, Japan etc accelerated the pace under the parlance of infra, trained class, extra budget and other devices, which inferred the best in the lucid hue of increased influx of tourists.

Where there is infinite tug of war betwixt world powers in the field of tourism to annihilate barriers in the economic race  there are sheen claims of heart and hand of the top brass to sky the tourism in the state like “choose Tourism or terrorism”, “in any situation we have to disseminate the tourism in the state from secluded to well Known spots” “We will absorb rush of trained Manpower in the dept”, “We are going to promote eco tourism, medical tourism, adventure tourism, night tourism, dark tourism and what not. But the entity is beyond this. The foolproof of my narration is being bespeaking in under mentioned Paragraph(s).

Prior few days I was on sought-after trip to the summer capital of J&K, parenthetically my eyes reflected with a highly lettered cluster at Partap Park. They were positioned silently under ellipse manner along play cards, which all were Bolded with “save our future”, “Promote peace sector” ,“Wrap justice in our lap”, “Generate Spirit in the state treasury”, etc. As a matter of fact I sensed it is my orient being an aloft aspirant of the “driver of employment”. Simultaneously we successfully shared privacy each other. Amidst known from unknown they responded strange statements i.e. “We all are well wishers of the state but govt. is kidding with our future” while in another reply “We want to promote ‘development sector’ but govt. is not good to go”, “We want to flourish culture of tourism in natives like France but govt. is ahead just like the wall of China” etc under totally deserted mode. These astonished responds thrilled my sense for deep meaningful discourse. Hence I pressed myself on the hackneyed, dishearten and unhealed murmuring voice of the huge gathering. One among the same group perhaps patron opened the torment book below the sky and I kept my ear as alive as we keep on the road .Dear Honorable guest “We are on this path from past 11 years. We were promised Rehabari-sayahat scheme by all high profile people of the state since 2007 to ongoing regime. We lathed at every door from dawn to dusk despite nobody is heartfelt towards us. And more than one bargained for nobody is willing to nope us. Under the aforementioned circumstance we are extremely frustrated with the unanticipated behavior of the govt. Thinking Rehbari-sayahat policy is the bliss formula which is rolling from table to table and is detracting our revenue cum future, as many good opinionated masters crossed the hope line and some are abutting to the same. Our blunder is merely as we have scored transcript cards of tourism degrees comprising masters, Net/Grf, M.phil and even PHD. We want justice lets endorse us.” Hence I learnt that the nonfiction was unfortunate J&K tourism professionals.

This obscure narration stored prolonged pain in my muscular blood pumping organ which compelled my fingers on electronic keys. To my surprise it is eroteme i.e. Why govt. had/hasn’t framed any policy in favor of the tourism professionals? Why govt. is not implementing Rehabari-sayahat policy in the state? Is not govt. acquainted about the trained staff of the state? Is not govt. shaping hazy future for the professionals?  Why not the concerned dept is advertising posts from decades? I appeal with folded hands to present reign plus concerned dept that now these questions should not remain unanswered for future generations as history defines. Forwhy if the situation remains displaying upward trend in the same hue and cry then future will be opaque for all who have passion of tourism or have put yoke of tourism on their shoulders.

Keeping this head and ear situation in vision I reached to this conclusion that govt. is totally unaware about the deep experience of tourism professionals in the concerned field. They don’t know what can they do for the betterment of the industry and what shall be their work culture in the concerned dept, that is why they are lingering the same scheme from years .If this is the hurdle on the path of professionals I want to crystallize here that In many countries there are accommodation/hotel managers, ticketing managers, product managers, operating managers, call centre managers /tourist information center managers, supervisory managers, transport managers, Planning managers, field managers, marketing managers, tourist guides/ tourist facilitators and sector managers etc Who all are decorating the service industry with their professionalism .Then why not in Jammu and kashmir professionals can amulet the “ life of nations”.

It is not have-nots proof that J&K has numerous tourists spots, including few emerging destinations which all are waiting eagerly for trained staff for instance Lolab, Bungus, Drangyari, Doodpatri Walur lake, Keder, Gurez, Thajwas, Sinthan top, Tosa Maidan etc. if we move back we will accumulate on pages a good number of domestic plus international tourists of whom authority is nethermind.

From the former paragraph[s] I learned for the drastic cover, tourism dept has exigent need of scalar chains or chain of hierarchies then it can reach to the right destination of management connoisseurs. Without given chains any effort for the promotion of tourism is null and void. As we know for any attempt your foundation stone/base should be just like k1.

It is the constitutional responsibility of the state to seek the solution of the problems of their citizens like china did in past 2 decades. In the end it is my humble opine for the concerned dept that it should seek any positive way on the behalf of dept cum professional class. So that tourism will change the luck of state under infinite jobs for skilled and non skilled people, Hoteliers, and Restauranter, etc and people will figure-out the true nature of tourism where flood in economy would be glaring, string player or an adept cum non adept educated unemployment youth could redress their frustration under picturesque umbrella.

Author is Post Graduate in tourism administration and Management cum Rural Development and can be reached at