Their Memorable Moment

Governor   Satya Pal  Malik has dissolved  the state  Assembly    for the reasons   that  there is   “  impossibility  of forming a stable government  by coming together  of political parties  with opposing political ideologies  – that with the fractured mandate  it is not possible to form  a stable government  comprising  of like –minded parties .”   Before that , PDP and Peoples Conference  staked   , separately , claims to form  a  government in the state .

Malik Saheb  ,  pray   tell us   was  erstwhile   PDP /BJP  coalition  government  in the J&K     a  one of the likeminded people ? In March 2015  it was  hailed  as   convergence of  North Pole    and   South Pole .

Knowledgeable say that in the   dissolution of  J&K   Assembly  “ Governor Satya  Pal Malik  has violated constitutional law and convention . His reasons for the   action that    there  was  an extensive horse trading going on and a government would be formed  by the parties  with opposing  political ideologies  are  extraneous .”  The legal experts opine that   describing an alliance that sets up claim to form the government   as untenable is no reason to  initiate a constitutional action .   In  Rameshwer Prasad    case   0f 2006  the Supreme Court held  that unsubstantiated claims of horse trading  or corruption in efforts  of government formation cannot be  the  reason  to dissolve the Assembly  .

Governor  should      explain  how he   came to change his mind and dissolved the Assembly   when  ,  just a week ago,  he  had   emphatically   ruled out such an action . He had equated dissolution of the Assembly with stoppage of the political process, which , according to him ,could be  sustained only by keeping the Assembly in suspended animation.      Though fortuitous,   the dissolution of the Assembly   is good riddance .  May be it has not come on valid considerations   , nevertheless it is a welcome development  . The political scenario has become so murky    that in the given situation nothing beneficial could be  salvaged   .

For a  moment   ,  National Conference     and the Peoples Democratic Party   deserve praise  for standing up to the unholy machinations of Ram Madhavs and  the  factotums of  the  tribe    and saved  us   from  the ignominy  of being ruled by   the band of defectors .  How tragic,   we  are at the mercy  of so called Kashmir experts who have no knowledge   of Kashmir and its politics . They have not only created mess in the state but also made GOI’s position awkward at the international theatre. Ram Madhav  and the local BJP people  must   know   that  after  accusing  NC , PDP and local  INC Unit   of  working at   Pakistan’s  biddings  – separatist being already  on the other fence –who is  left in the Valley to  sing  Delhi’s tune  ?  Aren’t they by these irresponsible statements belittling the sacrifices of thousands of Kashmiri  Muslims who  died  for  India .  There is no wisdom in burning one’s     house   in order to stop  others  entering  therein .  By insinuating that valley  centric  parties work at the behest of Pakistan   the ‘ bakhts ‘  have   validated the  two-nation theory  .  Mohammad Ali Jinnah     must be smiling   in   his grave  .

G OI  can  invent number of reasons to forestall  ‘ unwelcome ‘ political   combination from   coming   to the power  but  to   use    security argument   to   deter the democratic institutions  to function   is a  dangerous  proposition .   It is inappropriate to factor in this element while picking up a political dispensation for  the honor   . It will   generate undesirable impression that   certain religious denomination  cannot be trusted   to rule the state .  It is preposterous to assume that ‘security aspect will be taken care of only   when a     regime of a  particular  demography is at the helm .

There is talk of third front in the air .    No harm in having   many political fonts in the state,  ready  to  abide by the constitution  of the country . But    for the justification  of  third  front there must be   two fronts in the existence  . You can’t annihilate the existing political formations by unethical means.   It will be suicidal for the nation   to think of a political  landscape  in Kashmir   minus   NC  or  PDP .   For a healthier and democratic atmosphere   they must   have due space  .  Having reposed  faith  in the  national mainstream  these parties  can’t  be made irrelevant

One can appreciate    a party    fighting    political   battle , solo    .  It    can’t   afford    yielding  space to  the other,   however likeminded that may be .  We understand that NC  and PDP have to protect their respective  turf   . They can’t go   together on all issues.  But is the larger interest of the state and  a peculiar status within the Union  these parties will have to  wag many a battle , together  The latest development  shouldn’t be  a   one off  event . Their  coming together   may not    be dependent  on   each  other’s grace    Nor should such  an  initiative be  contingent  on  ‘     events ’   as   to be invoked ‘ conveniently’.

If not for anything else, just  to   save   young lives    NC and  PDP   must   reinvent themselves.

B.L. Saraf is a  Former  Principal  District & Sessions Judge