The Hanging Souls

In Kashmir the most possible chances of any occurrence which can  happen to you is that either you will be exploited or you will exploit others  for their own needs..

The time when the government announced to regularize the services of various daily wagers, causal labour’s, hired and need based laborers of various departments of Jammu and Kashmir functioning across the state the joy and happiness among these labour classes were   reflective and can be seen very easily from their expressions on the announcement date..

Any such announcement from the government without any checks and balances whether it brings any change or not but it had definitely paved a way to corruption and exploitation of these labourers in various  government departments of Jammu and Kashmir.

When the government started the process and issued the directions to various departments to send the detailed list of such workers, initially the number of such workers were nearly about 60 thousand, keeping these facts under considerations the Govt tries to formulate the definite and effective proposal for these labour class workers just to provide them some relief for the services which they have rendered in various departments on nominal wages in some cases no wages at all for years..

In spite of all these the labourers of various departments worked with the hope that someday they  will get the reward of their  dedication and hard work by recognizing their services by the government.

The data forward by various departments to Government shocked everyone where from 60 thousands the number of workers were doubled a new data of nearly 1.20 Lakh were submitted mostly by snatching the rights of various genuine causal labour workers who had been working in various departments from years..

Who were these extra 60 thousand who had added salt to the wounds of those poor and destitute labours who had served these departments from years but the department fails to recognize their services now and exploit them for years due to the acute shortage of permanent can you through out a laborer who had given his 10 years of precious services to the department with many hopes of getting absorbed in the department just on the pretext of not falling under the ambit of  SRO a less experienced can fit under the ambit of SRO 520 by your magical tricks and not the poor one without any special references from any class although much experienced and senior as compared to your loved ones.

Most of the  officials of the respective departments happened to be the mama, Papa, Abu, Abba, uncle, Dady etc etc Or   somehow related to the causal labour classes working in various departments, most unfortunately the MLAs, MLC’s

And , higher officials of respective departments and even the Sarpanchs in some cases have created the mess in every  department by adjusting political workers and their nears and dears as causal labourers in various departments which are dead on fields from years but on papers they have been in service of various departments even in their teens to regulate their pocket money..

After the release of the lists by various departments we have seen such glaring examples  with unbelievable miracles where we have witnessed Papa working as medical assistant  and her wife including two sons and 2 daughters working as causal labourers under hospital development funds .. It was just an idea of mini hospital at home infact a new innovation.. The examples of dynastic rules can be witnessed in various departments of jammu and kashmir apart from  in politics. We have witnessed also the dead ones in such lists and persons ranging from 12 years to 95 years in such lists as well..

We have also witnessed a single person registered in more then 2 departments from years that too shown present on both the departments doing his job with dedication..

While performing all these miracles we have left thousands on the mercy of God by snatching their genuine rights who had been in all such departments from years but find nowhere their names in all such lists and even didn’t know the persons who have been shown working in their place of postings where they have been working for such long years..

There are thousands of such cases where the sons of officials have been shown working in various departments from years  and at  the same time they were enrolled in various educational institutions of the state as well as outside the state pursuing their higher education.. How come a person be present at two places at a same time while be present in the department where he is working and had attended the exams on the same day outside the state..such miracles are happening only and only in the state of jammu and kashmir..

Recommendation of very poor and deserving one to any department as causal labour so that he may be able to minimize his sufferings and can feed his family to some extent can be understood and is appreciable but how come a son of a gazatted officer or an official whose is taking more then 50 thousand as salary can be inducted in the list of need based labourer or causal labour.. Have such officials not in such positions to feed their lonely sons..

I have seen a large number of very poor especially from Gujar communities and from other socially, economically and educationally deprived communities who are serving in various departments from years on very marginal wages in some cases no wages at all, mostly due to the acute shortage of permanent employees in various government departments it is only these causal laborers who are serving in various departments, in some cases the permanent employee’s has been assigned various areas to look after and they hardly visit to such’s only because of the services of these causal laborers the glory of many departments are still standing..

Have heard the stories of various destitute causal labours how much happy they were when they were asked to register themselves online, bringing affidavit from courts along with their  Aadhar cards, they were asked to register in their respective departments. In some cases hundreds of causal laborers have paid 1000 to 1500 each just to register themselves online in  their concerned departments and officials  concerned knowing that it’s equalent to the wages which their departments are providing them after so many months.

“Without looking here and there we did all what we were asked to do in order to get regularized and to be registered online so that we will be covered under the ambit of SRO 520” said one with tearful eyes..

‌Initially we were  just 20 to 30 but the department have forwarded list of 70 and we are not even in the list of 70’s as well now. This is how the poor and destitute once are dropped deliberately to pay way to the special will a poor, illiterate, socially, economically and educationally backward person the only bread owner to their families will now move from office to office  with his cries in order to get them heard in higher offices where there is no value and no respect for the emotions of poor and destitute ones,

“how can I visit now to all these offices with my cries when they are responsible for all this mess  from Regional Director’s to Director’s office while left my family to die of starvation “ heard from one while his eyes were flooded with tears, ever lasting hopes and aspirations..

Here the principle of” might is right” is the only visible principle…in this unfortunate land of kashmir you can be exploited or you can exploit others, when  poverty is your long lasting friend you are born to be exploited only  we are surrounded by turn costs, opportunists, who can claim big but at the end all promises proved to be hoax and hallow which holds nothing for poor and common masses “..

There are many deserving causal labour’s who had given their whole life while serving such departments with the only hopes from years someday they will be regularized, give them their legitimate rights before they will die along with their ever lasting dreams and aspirations..

The genuine  and deserving one’s had become the victims of the mess of corruption and favouritism which had casted shadows of darkness even on their genuine cause..

“ If  the rules are unjust a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so”..

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