The Collaborators in Building and Maintaining the Animosity between India & Pakistan

In the first half of 2018 two of spymasters; A.S Dulat (Former RAW Chief) and Assad Durani (Former ISI Chief); of India and Pakistan have jointly authored a book; The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace. They are the same people who during their active service were engaged in spying and conspiring against each other’s country. They are the same people who, when there were cries for peace, were engaged in the activities of subversion and sabotage of all that. They never cooperated in any effort of building peace in the subcontinent. How the agents and agencies of peace grew within them, which gave rise to the feelings of cooperation between the two, for whatever purpaose was something unexpected.

We must encourage any acts of cooperation and peace building but it should be devoid of any person considerations. When the two were in power they never encouraged anything like peace between the two countries instead they kept working to keep the pot of animosity boiling, they kept adding fuel to it. If given a chance to hold their respective posts again they will act the same way. Above all they will advise the governments against any type of cooperation between the people and government agencies of the two countries.

How can the two people, who have advised against the cooperation of even two laymen of the two countries in their official capacity, come together and co-author a book? Their coming together, in whatever capacity and to howsoever limited extent, clearly indicates that their joint endeavor was an attempt to remain in the news, and to remain relevant when they had lost much of that. Does it indicate that when people are prevented from carrying forward even their blood relations due to the Indo-Pak rivalry, the officials, ex-officials have no such binding?

The purpose of giving the example of A.S. Dulat and Assad Durrani is not to prevent officials, ex-official and people of the two countries from co-authoring books, or having any type of cooperation and contacts but it is to try to understand something else. That is, the animosity between the two countries is kept alive deliberately to serve personal and party interests of a very small minority of the power elite of the two countries. The ill will and feeling of grudge and disgust that people of these two countries hold against each other – if they actually hold that in absence of the political manipulations and propaganda – is not worth holding for the simple reason that these hurt the interests and the people of the two counties.

When inside the government, and when holding positions of power, peace is not an option and when outside it war is no option. Inside government the people on the other side of the dividing line are all devils and once out the same people turn out as saints. The bigger the devils are considered in when in the government and power, the higher status of sainthood is granted when the chairs in government and the positions of power are lost.

This simple fact should have been understood by the people of the countries long back but when it comes to India and Pakistan things hardly change and people hardly give up their preconceived notions about each other. Their behavior refuses to change even if the God Almighty Himself descends on the earth to show the people the hidden agendas of these people. They act as they are used to act. They hold the feeling of ill will for each other and that is not going to change, there are no signs of that change. People keep letting the powerful to befool them. They are befooled and their brains manipulated and modulated as per a set pattern and they are not allowed to move out of that pattern of the thought process.

This is not only about the spymasters but the first of the category of the people who resort to this sort of blackmail with the feelings and emotions of the people are politicians. They have stooped so low that they can go to any extent. When in power they can even go to war to safeguard their posts – it is only the nuclear deterrence that saves the subcontinent from war. But, when war is not an option in the nuclearized world they say all kinds of bad things about the people, leaders and governments of the other country. Such people beyond the diving line do the same with their people.

Once outside the same people and their leaders and founders are praised with all the good adjectives. There is no limit to the adjectives and they keep invocating more. That is the reason most of the politicians who were, and are, too vocal in keeping the level of hostilities high, and prevent the people of their countries from interacting, are the same who hold good personal relations with the people and leaders of other country.

These are the politician and leaders on whose behest people lay their lives in the battle field. But the politicians are not ready to give up their manipulative techniques and personal interests for the sake of the national interest and for the betterment of the people of the region. They never give up their gowns of deceit and treachery which they use to deceive their own people.

Even the highest leaders of these countries are said to had been, and have been, enjoying good relations with each other when the relations at the government levels were low. They used to hurl all types of invectives against each other in their official capacities but personally were friends. It was imperative upon them to create conducive atmosphere so that their people too could enjoy cordial relations with each other. In absence of their efforts towards that end they had no rights to enjoy personal relations and prevent their people from having the same.

Had the general masses ever acted with a sense of maturity they would not have been taken for granted in the equations between the two countries. Had they used the common sense they would have easily uncovered what is under the gowns of deceit and what is under the faces of frauds. The people would have know that these politicians do not care about their welfare but for their own instead, they never sincerely intend to provide any relief to the people but whenever any relief is thought of the interests of the powerful get the first and foremost precedence.

People never think rationally and logically as if they possess no such independent. They never try to find out about who is benefiting from the hostilities and animosity between the two countries. They act exactly the way as their leaders tell them to do, like the sheep that are taken to an abattoir for slaughter.  And slaughtered they get and slaughtered the people of the two countries get. Precious human lives and resources are lost on border and inside the borders. They are lost for their no faults, whether they are of common people or the people belonging to the armed forces of the two countries. The conflict has proved too costly for the people of the subcontinent and it is proving even more costly.

Media is duty bound to enlighten the people and keep the powerful from trespassing their jurisdiction but it instead acts as loyal slave of the people in power. In fact, media is more enslaved by the interests of the ratings and profits than the national interests. When the conflicting situations give them more publicity and profits why to talk peace. Talking peace robs them of their fame and benefits. All the media organizations who talk little bit of sense and peace have been made irrelevant in the present day order of the two countries.

These divisionary people need to be exposed. The evil intentions and designs need to be identified. It is only then an era of peace can dawn in the subcontinent. And, it is only then that all the pending issues and disputes can be resolved, the issues and disputes which are in nobody’s and no country’s interests.

It must be stressed that no one is against the cordial relations that the politicians and people in power have with each other but in order to do that they should promote similar kind of relations among their people. The people must refuse to accept such kind of behavior from their leaders, politicians and official functionaries.  The need of the time is to have people in power who talk peace and who act peace both in their private and public lives. There should be no dichotomy of any kind. Peace only is the safe guarantee of sustainability of human race in the subcontinent, and in the world too.

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