Students of Women’s College M A Road protest against braid-cutting

KP Web Desk
Srinagar, Publish Date: Oct 7 2017

Scores of girl students of Women’s College MA Road on Saturday held a protest demonstration against the continuous braid-chopping incidents taking place across Kashmir.

The students of various departments staged a demonstration inside the college premises.

They were raising slogans against the braid-cutting incidents and asked the state government and the police to nab the culprits behind these criminal acts.

Hair of several young girls and women in many parts of the Valley has been mysteriously found chopped during the past month.

These girls and women have told their families and police that unknown persons cut their hair after knocking them unconscious with some spray.

The police have formed Special Investigation Teams to probe the incidents. However, so far the police and the authorities have been clueless.

The police have announced a reward of Rs six lakh for credible information leading to arrest of any person behind braid chopping incidents.

Yesterday also, police rued the “lack of support” from public in solving the mystery behind unabated braid-chopping incidents in Kashmir valley while claiming that all accused handed over to them were found innocent.

“In most of the cases, we have not been provided support by the victims or close family members. One of the points which people may be reluctant in going to the police stations. We have decided that a lady police officer would be available for these victims to be examined or statements recorded,” DIG Central Kashmir Ghulam Hassan Bhat had told reporters on Friday.

He said that it was not possible for police come to a particular conclusion in each case without public support.

Bhat had also said that they have examined and interrogated all the accused handed over to them. “… and none of the persons was found involved in braid chopping,” he said.