Stray dogs taking heavy toll on people in summer capital Srinagar

SRINAGAR, OCT 02: Failure of Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) to take measures for controlling fast growing population of stray dogs is taking a heavy toll on people in the summer capital Srinagar.


In absence of any regulation, children and old aged persons are under constant threat of dog bites. “Presence of large number of strays dogs during evenings hampers our movement,” said Farooq Ahamd, a resident of Rajbagh.


“Dozens of stray dogs are present in our area. We are afraid to even venture out during evenings,” said a group of resident said.


“Dogs chase us even during day. At least 15 to 20 dogs can be spotted in our street. We don’t think authorities are serious in doing their job. The process of sterilization is confined to papers only” said Waqar Ahmad, a resident of Batamaloo.


Residents from Khanyar, Habba Kadal, Rambagh, Jawharnagar, Rajagh, old city areas also claimed that the stray dogs has hampered smooth movement of people.


“Stray dogs have spread terror in our locality. Our children fear to move out even during day. The dumper bins placed on road sides by SMC have turned out to be a breeding ground for dogs. We appeal to SMC officials to take measures to check the canine population in the area,” they said.


Health authorities say that above 50000 people, mostly children, have been bitten by stray dogs in the past few years. They said some of the victims have died of rabies. SMC veterinary officer, Dr Javaid, said that a dog gives birth to 12 pups in a year and dog bite is a big challenge. “We are in a process to control number of dogs.”