Sordid tales of paradise

Perhaps, Kashmir valley is the rarest place on planet earth where not only precipitation but death is also forecasted. Often rising sun brings message of grief and despair. The angle of death hover close to earth than clouds in this ravaged paradise. Disturbed by unexpected, the graveyards of valley speak sordid tales of misery and betrayal. Of course, death is inevitable but a death that tries patience of downtrodden and is bent on consuming youth particularly on the barrel of gun is called murder. But a tyrant cannot fence the lovers of freedom. The lovers of freedom are reluctant to step into deep waters and take pleasure in sacrificing their life for the love of motherland. They never told their love vocally but they pen down their love with their blood.

People remember Kashmir for three things: scenic beauty, hospitability and as a disputed territory, were death is a wanderer. Sooner or later, the dispute will be settled, tyrant will fall and Kashmir will arise once again as an independent nation. But, the silent ocean of blood that is flowing since decades will ruin unholy empire of tyrant. From decades, India couldn’t refrain from bad doing in Kashmir which has hither to hardly been addressed. How Kashmiris can forget it. On both sides of de facto border, bullets rain down, consuming future of this paradise on earth. Unfortunately, both India and Pakistan government sit idle on Kashmir issue since decades and government of J&K took only perks out of the issue. Kashmiris are not convinced with the conditional love of India. At the same time Kashmiris couldn’t distance from innate love of Pakistan. This unavoidable love for Pakistan in hearts of Kashmiris had left India in high and cry. Therefore, in the enmity of India and Pakistan, Kashmir has been sandwiched between foes. For a Kashmiri, the ice frozen mountain peaks of valley are better to live than sky touching buildings of India. Kashmiris do not dwell on dreams of exalted positions and would forget to live and run after these dreams. I do not claim there is no room for Indians in hearts of Kashmiris but I’m sure there is ample space for non-Indians in the hearts of Kashmiris despite of their religion or caste.

If Indian would ask a Kashmiri, “what India had done wrong to Kashmiris? Why so much hate for Indians?” The answer would simple and precise, “fulfill the promises that you made.” From pioneer revolutionary Maqbool Bhat to outstanding AMU scholar Dr. Manan Wani, all martyrs tried to divulge the misdoings of Indian armed forces and strived to resolve the dispute, first with pen and later with gun. One should not be confused with the fables articulated by Indian National Media. Indian National Media wouldn’t hesitate to call Major Gogoi hero and feel jealous when Kashmiris sing the songs of their own heroes. Actually, heroes are defined by their villains; Dr Manan or Shujat Bukhari are heroes with pen who gave their blood to save the future of Kashmir. Indian army personals are villains with gun, so they feel outsiders in Kashmir. Unless Indians wouldn’t come out of their stereotype, they wouldn’t be able to accept reality.

It is well said, “Only dead fish swim with the stream.” Indians have no cure for ongoing struggle. It is dead impossible for GoI to convince new generations of valley. Man and women braved long distances, through barricaded roads, muddy fields or forests to attend Dr. Manan’s funeral. Yet, oppressor calls him a terrorist. Does it make sense to claim that Dr. Manan posed threat to the peace of valley and people were scared of him?

GoI should come out of pride.  It is obligatory for GoI to invite all stake holders on negotiation table. All those fable mongers should be kept away from Kashmir issue who offer talks but do not recognize Hurriyat or Kashmiris as a stake holder. For them, they would say both yes and no. It is better for Indian policy makers to read history books once again and then decide the future of Kashmir. When illiterate Indians of 19th century were able to expel Britishers from India, then why 21st century educated Kashmiris wouldn’t be able to do same? By accepting Kashmiris sole settlers of the issue, they would do a favor for the future of entire India.

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