Sandwiched Among Foes

Who can do a bigger favor to Kashmir? These ruins, themselves portray the varying saga of pain, misery and helplessness. The valley of unmatched beauty had many haunting tales to tell. Muslim holocaust in Jammu, Pandit exodus from valley and brook of blood that flows in Kashmir, all together snatched peace, communal harmony and togetherness. Who would string these scattered beads in a single rosary? Who would bring smile on gloomy faces? We are sure, it is neither UN nor unpredictable politicians of valley who defend innocent killings when they are in power and condemn when they sit out of power. In this unending cycle of strife and violence, the aspirations of Kashmiris have always being ignored while illegitimate claims of India and Pakistan prevailed. Our graveyards, where epitaphs stand high, narrate doleful tales of misery and repression. Neither any one’s jugular vein nor any one’s integral part, Kashmir issue is a lethal combination of Indian oppression and Pakistani manipulation. Neither Pakistan is lover of Kashmir nor India is our savior, Kashmir issue is exclusively our own.

J&K is sandwiched among foes. Neither India nor Pakistan is willing to resolve. Former is trying to maintain its geographical extent and later is trying to extend geographical horizons. Therefore, the issue is unresolved after more than six decades, thus consumed future of valley and left behinds a wailing history for state. No artist can draw nor can any writer describe the pain that Kashmiris are met with. Hordes of tender buds join militancy and thousands of father’s shouldered coffins. The remnants of British colonial era, born in 1947 and reached AK47 in the beginning of 90s, the Kashmir issue is one of the most ignored by world bodies. The cult seeking implementation of UN plebiscite has been presented Islamic extremists. Genesis of militintia and emergence of neo-militantia, both are the outcomes of the unfulfilled promises. The withering leaves of democracy and emergence of mobocracy further alienated youth of valley.

Although thousands of civilians have been killed across the de facto border, yet both the nations have not quenched their thirst, instead they label Kashmiris agents of each other in order to confuse people of J&K. People no more believe abstract idea of jugular vein or integral part. We are fed up with their false claims. India should acknowledge the truth that most Kashmiris want independence and at the same time Pakistan should respect independent Kashmir sentiments rather than manipulating Kashmiris. They should strive for a long lasting solution. But a workable solution for Kashmir crisis is impossible without inviting all stake holders, especially Kashmiris, to extricate Kashmiris from tormenting dispute. We have no war with India or Pakistan. J&K wish India and Pakistan should come on negotiation table and settle their own pre-existing disputes then Kashmir issue will be seldom resolved.

According to Kashmiris, a workable solution for Kashmir crisis lies in UN Plebiscite under UNSC Resolution 47, which requires Pakistan to withdraw forces first. Kashmiris acknowledge that it is never going to happen, albeit youth cling to their pipe dream of independence, many losing their lives without any hesitation in this quest. India would never give its consent for UN plebiscite because India has to give away J&K—it is highly disastrous in Indian politics as it is unacceptable to the people of India. The mass aspiration for self determination has always been undermined because it doesn’t suit political setup of the two born rival nations. Instead, India and Pakistan is trying to write geography of peace by blood of innocent Kashmiris.

No one can falsify it; pro-Pakistani sentiments are so deep in today’s Kashmir, even mainstream politicians of J&K support Pakistani cricket team in Pakistan versus India cricket match. The unavoidable love for Pakistan and growing hatred for India is one of the outcomes of the seriousness and delicacy of issue. India is trying to dodge the issue, therefore, India morphed the freedom struggle of Kashmir (an Islamist insurgency) and represented itself the victim of terrorism rather than a perpetrator of state violence. It earned India sympathy from world bodies. India’s theatrics at UN and other world bodies, Pakistan’s weak position and no strong representation of Kashmir at world bodies all together deprive Kashmir of their rights and weaken separatists.

In my opinion, before choosing any workable solution, the options seldom become tragedies of political debate. UN was bridge of understanding between India and Pakistan but it seems UN too had lost appetite to resolve Kashmir issue. UN lost its appetite, India’s consent for any solution would be politically unacceptable to people of India and Pakistan is entangled in its own trouble; then who will strive for the workable solution of the dispute? In my opinion, only will of people of Jammu & Kashmir should prevail.

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