Russian journalist shuts down Indian author over Kashmir tweet

Published 10 Jul 2018

The persistent issue of the disputed lands of Kashmir has sparked an online brawl with a Russian journalist slamming an Indian author aspiring to conquer the disputed region.

Foreign correspondent for Russia Today, Sameera Khan became the target of backlash from across the border after she tweeted in opposition of the Indian occupation of Kashmir.

After the offended Indians started hurling similar references of Russian occupied Crimea her way, the journalist spared no time to give the social media users a much-needed history lesson.

“Unlike in Indian-occupied Kashmir, a plebiscite was held in Crimea to determine its status, with international observers present. Nearly 97% of Crimeans (83% turnout) voted to join Russia — a decision that reflected the majority Russian population of Crimea,” stated her tweet.

Indian writer and activist Sadhavi Khosla was quick to respond to Sameera’s unadulterated thread with a sharp retort.

Upon the Russian analyst getting accused of fuelling a certain agenda, Sameera reminded her audience that she is a US citizen working for a Russian media outlet talking about an issue that has no correlation with the aforementioned facts.

Presently the Occupied Kashmir is undergoing tumultuous circumstances with Indian troops attacking unarmed protesters, three of whom were martyred on Saturday as well.  ( International the News )