People of state are main stakeholders of Kashmir issue: Hakeem Yaseen

Srinagar, Oct 25 2018

Maintaining that the people of the state especially the youth are the main stake holders of the vexed Kashmir issue, Chairman PDF and MLA, Khansahib Hakeem Yaseen has said that the permanent resolution of the Kashmir problem lies with the fulfillment of the related urges and aspirations of the its people. He has urged the need to address the genuine concerns of the youth to douse their anger and alienation to bring permanent peace in the region.

Hakeem Yaseen said that J&K belongs to its people and they have every right to talk and think about their future. He said no power on earth can usurp their right to seek a dignified and peaceful future for them.

Hakeem Yaseen has reiterated that the key to lasting peace in the sub-continent lies only in mutual dialogue process between India and Pakistan and the relevant stakeholders of Kashmir dispute adding that otherwise the neighboring countries have signed many peace agreements in past which did not work as the state was never papeo to these dialogues.

He said GOI has spend trillions of crores of money on developmental projects in the state since 1947 but it did not work to address alienation among the people resulting out of broken promises made to them by the successive central governments.

Hakeem Yaseen has cautioned that due to the obduracy and arrogance of the centre , the political space in the state especially Kashmir was drifting away at an alarming level and the highly qualified youth are picking up gun due to their alienation and anger with the mainstream .

He has asked leaderships of both the neighboring countries of India and Pakistan to shun their ego and arrogance to give peace a chance adding that the state of J&K was the first causality of animosity between them where bloodshed and mayhem continues unabated since last seven decades.

He said joining of qualified youth to militancy against repression has added a new dangerous dimension to the Kashmir issue adding that if urgent measures are not taken to pacify the angry youth, it will be very disastrous for the posterity as well.

Hakeem Yaseen has also quoted the latest statement of the Concerned Citizens Group of India “The situation is deteriorating by the day in that state and the GOI remains unconcerned. This policy will only lead to disaster.”