Open letter to Prime Minister of India.

Honourable Prime Minister,

I am Sharing the heartfelt concern about the sufferings of Kashmiri people, who had been suffering due to  non resolving of  kashmir issue from the year 1947.I am shocked by the reign of terror let loose by security forces across length and breadth of the state.I with the support of few other students, make an ardent request to your august-self to initiate a meaningful dialogue with all the stakeholders for lasting solution to kashmir issue.

We the student community from this state are getting more entangled in this conflict than to our education.The blame largely lies on the state.The political climate and uncertainty have effected our personality.The political socialisation over the years have created fear  psychosis and uncertainty in our minds.we were the ones who will be the creators and shapers of nation tomorrow, today’s leaders and activists.The youth of a nation are its powerhouses with boundless stores of energy, capability, zeal and enthusiasm, but we feel crumpled ,shut in a hovel, fettered and imprisoned because of the insolent doubts and fears.We are the ones who are facing Torture,Detentions and trauma every day and this way our future is at stake.When  any son of this valley leaves from his home the mother hugs and kisses him believing that there is no guarantee that my son will be all alive, while returning back to his home.

This deteriorating situation in Jammu and Kashmir ,gross human rights violations, killings of civilians ,militants and soldiers on daily basis  makes an  apprehension that uprising may push one and a half million people of subcontinent to a nuclear disaster.In this regard the need of hour is that dialogue is to follow.The dialogue is to usher peace and therefore cannot Wait normalcy ,unachievable without dialogue.

Right on onset, your  good-self should accept that there is a problem.we should not look kashmir as a law and order issue.Instead  of winning the hearts and minds of Kashmiri’s ,Indian establishment is trying to impose their forced rule in kashmir.They provoke Kashmiri youth by using wrong tactics and portray them as terrorists on national media.

Kashmir is a political issue and it should be dealt politically taking all stakeholders on board. Kashmiris  including India and Pakistan are suffering physically and economically due to this unresolved kashmir imbroglio.Fiddling with article 370 or 35A and hurting the sentiments of people by interfering in their religious matters have done more harm than good.The continuous hearings  with article 35A has alienated the people of kashmir and they feel indian authorities are at war with them, youth of Kashmir are being deliberately made victims of identity crisis “Erosion or abrogation  of article  35 A has every possibility to disturb masses and can lead to a vicious circle of uncertainty, challenging special status of j&k will put a question mark integrity of democratic institutions, on which people still repose some degree of faith.Article 35 A, shall in no circumstances be annulled, modified or repealed.indian establishment need to own Kashmiri’s .They need to assure them that Kashmiri’s are more important to them than the land of kashmir instead Kashmiri’s are harassed on one pretext or the other.

You august-self should accept this fact sir, that India has done blunders in kashmir, and the present struggle is result of that.The horrible incidents of Kunan pashpora ,Shopian , Chattisinghpora  are still Fresh in the minds of the people.The number of fake encounters, forced disappearances,rapes,were committed by Indian forces and no legal action was taken against the culprits.Students of kashmir are now Seen on roads every new day not for jobs or perks but to protest against the daily human rights violation in kashmir, Employees leave their job and join Militant  Groups the best example of that can be get from an Assistant professor of kashmir university Mohammad Rafiq Bhat  joining militancy, he left the noble job of a teacher and joined the rebel groups, this is a clear indication that everything is not going well and  is an answer for your this year 15th August speech where your good self stressed that Development is solution to every conflict but the joining of militancy by these young employed youth of kashmir indicates kashmir issue is a political issue and should be resolved in the same way, not to be taken as developmental issue, as was rightly said by Former  CM of J&k Late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed that even if the roads in kashmir were made of gold and the drains of silver it would all go in vain even if one person was hurt and hurting the people of this valley by way of torturing ,blinding ,arrests ,PSA etc had became the routine of these forces and this way your 15th August speech to consider kashmir as a developmental Issue won’t work. They Kashmiri’s  want freedom from atrocities,carakdowns,illegal detentions ,bullets ,and a space to express themselves, the  recent example of this can be got from my own village where a Government teacher Mushtaq Ahmad Mir  aged 50 years on duty was called during office hours at 2:45 pm  by 44 RR and asked to be present in the Hawal Shopian army camp to get the sports infrastructure for the students and later on was beaten mercilessly and he is still unable to walk.These Kashmir’s later  protest for this all and they might use violence as a way to achieve their cherished dream but India as a responsible country should counter them in an immaculate way.

One Burhan was killed but more Burhan’s followed him, and you might have came across the recent statement of security agencies where in the number of active militants have risen to 327 that is the highest number in a decade, and  In an encounters the people of valley do everything possible to make the militants flee away from the encounter sites ,and the level of sacrifice is like this that they even offer their lives in order to make the militants flee from the encounter sites.. The cycle of violence is not going to end as long as you solve this vexed issue as per the aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Your good self has many the times During your speech in Srinagar ,urged the youth to shun violence whether in form of militancy or stone pelting ,and join the mainstream.The message is right ,but the government will have to chart out a cohesive effective policy to get the youth back from the path of violence by initiation of dialogue with all stakeholders in kashmir.You had yourself compared with former prime minster of India late Atal Behari Vajpayee.Vajpayee had the statesmanship and the vision to engage in dialogue with the Kashmiri separatists ,and you should follow what he was interested in ,in order make your comparison with the same personality.I know you had the will and the strength to take bold decisions your words will carry meaning for kashmir only if your good-self will come up with a bold policy  for the beleaguered valley.

You being Courageous and bold to take decisions, we hope you will make strenuous efforts to start a meaningful approach and use all your position fro the final settlement of this issue, by engaging all the stake holders in a meaningful dialogue as the imitation of dialogue shall bring succour not only to the people of j&k ,reduce tension on borders and help the people displaced because of hostilities, return to their homes, but shall also be a huge relief to the people of sub continent.A country with one third population living below poverty line without access to Basic amnesties of life like health care and safe drinking water can ill afford to spend ten billon rupees to fight and contain street protests in state of j&k, and twenty four billion rupees to retain control over a few hundred square kilo-meter glacier without a trace of life.Resolution of kashmir dispute shall facilitate use of precious resources for the welfare of deprived and down trodden people of India.


Mudasir Dar

Author is a student activist, an MBA from Islamic University of Science and Technology Awantipora and can be reached at