No more Secularism only Hinduism

If secularism means “equal treatment of all regions’ then India is no more a secular country. The motto of secularism was unity: unity in diversity. India failed to retain its unity in diversity.  The preamble of constitution of India has a word “secular” but the ebbing tide of secularism in India has alienated its Muslim minorities and taken an anti-Muslim direction. The dream of secular India had been shattered by riptide of politics. The religious politics and emergence of Hindu nationalism does not allow India to translate vision of secularism into a reality. The horrific crime shocked humanity: a Hindu man brutally killed a Muslim man with an axe, set his dead body on fire and his accomplice filmed whole act. There are hundreds of such incidents where a Muslims man or a woman had been harassed or lynched by a non-Muslim mob. Beyond the canvases of secular portrait, India is neither a secular nor a democratic nation. Actually, the spirit of India is Hindu and Hindus believe only Hindus are the right inheritor of India. Not an assumption but a reality in making, Hindus believe whole region lying between Hindkush Mountains and Arakan Yoma Mountains is the property of Hindus only and all other faiths are alien to this land.

Hindu fanatic government is committed to create a greater India, where no other faith would be allowed to practice. It sounds bull, but it truth: Indian politicians relay much on media houses and higher educational institutes to strengthen their position. Therefore, BJP led NDA are targeting both. Including a chapter in school curriculum from Bhagvad Gita, performing Surya Namskar at morning assembly, chanting Vande Matram mandatory or seeking protection of cow are all tools of Hindu extremist government to create a confusion in masses and label Muslims anti-national if they do refuse to do so. The political partisanship had not only denigrated secular nature of India but challenged the very foundation of India as a union of diverse cultures and faiths.  This government is also committed to change democratic set up of India. Once Narendra Modi led BJP government will gain majority in both the houses of parliament, Constitution of India will be rewritten.

Indian democracy is sick. Indian live up to their stereotypes and minorities neither can embrace them nor can avoid them. They created a climate of scepticism where people have been forced to accept myths. The scholars hired by extremist Hindu government have been employed to prove that Hindus are decedents from first inhabitants of India while Muslims and other faiths are second class citizens. Devil had taken refuge in their hearts. These devils in human attire are portraying Narendra Modi as savior of Hinduism which isn’t fair enough. The paradigm shift in secular set up of India is directly linked with present government. They have bugged hearts and minds of common folks. Some media houses have been unleashed to spew venom against minorities while others have been restrained for their secular character.

All the minorities have been subjected to humiliations, especially Muslims. An atmosphere of chaos and confusion has been created. Educational institutions have been directly used as political platforms where education is imparted less and hate politics is spread more. In a recent episode, a Kashmiri student had been thrashed by a group of students in Sharda University, Greater Noida. Past three-four years, Hindu fanatics are targeting higher educational institutes. They are spewing anti-Muslims venom in the broad day light, thrashing Muslims students, harassing Kashmiri students and we hear about a scuffle between a Hindu extremist and a Kashmiri in these institutes. Social stability and intellectual depth is eroding. The secular nature of Indian educational institutes has been snatched; they have been center of violence.

2019 elections will define Indian democracy. Would India retain its secularism or is India going to be Hindu Rashtra (An Indian form of fascism). We cannot deny it people of India think it is their legitimate right to adopt Hindu law, so, they will vote for a Hindu government to legalize these laws. Cow and beef are mere tools to instill fear among Muslims and instigate Hindus.  The polarizing of Hindus against Muslims benefits only one and one party i.e. NDA. Since 2014 Indians lost appetite for economic development. It is a well knit web, where government put people busy in communal violence to hide its failures. Yet, Indians would prefer BJP in 2019. Everybody acknowledges BJP led NDA governments is favoring anti-Muslims sentiments and favor few economic institutions but people are happy with it. Remaining few percent of population does feel envious about anti-secular idea but somehow they will convince themselves to favor extremist Hindu government for the cause of Hindu Rashtra or self protection. Therefore, we may conclude at “India is no more while Hindustan is in Making.”

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