Narrow escape for Groom, Guests as Miscreants Shower Stones.

Srinagar 11 Aug 2018

Women and Youth of Humhama Attacked a Marriage Party After the Guests Burst Firecrackers at 10 pm Thursday night leaving 17 Vehicles Damaged and 4 guests Injured.Miscreants on Thursday late evening attacked a groom and his several guests at Humhama on the city outskirts, leaving four persons injured.

Eyewitness told that at around 10: PM on Thursday some miscreants pelted stones on the marriage cavalcade of the groom, Haamid Hussain Bhat at Airport road Humhama, leaving 17 cars damaged and several guests injured.

Nazir Ahmad Khan, groom’s friend, and eyewitness, said they were on their way toward Airport colony Humhama with baraatfrom central Kashmir’s Budgam township along with several guests. However as soon as the cavalcade reached near Humhama chowk, one of the guests stopped the car and burnt firecrackers in celebration.

Khan said, the local youth and women came out and thrashed all the guests without even listening and respecting the groom. He said in the meantime, the miscreants smashed the vehicles and terrified the guests. “We were attacked with stones by miscreants and 4 guests were humiliated and thrashed,” Khan said.

“It was the first time that any marriage party (bharaat) has been attacked in the Kashmir. It has sent shock waves to the family,” he said.Another friend of the groom, Tasaduq Hussain said, it was very unfortunate to witness that someone is attacked on his happiest day.“17 cars window panes were smashed down by them by the mob and they also threatened and abused us.

They did not listen to anything from our side,” Hussain said. “I am very upset with this incident as I couldn’t find an answer as to where are we heading as a society. This is an inhuman act and we all must condemn it at all levels,” he said, adding the family of groom is in shock as no one could expect such an attack in Kashmir.The friends of Bhat said the place of incident is just 200 meters from the Police post and area is under high-security zone.

“How can anyone attack in such a place,” family questioned, adding that police should ascertain the facts and arrest the culprits involved in this incident.Another relative of groom, Dr Riyaz Hussain said that he was terrified with the incident. He said that “it was unfortunate to see my own elders, who were begging before these miscreants for forgiveness getting abused and thrashed.”

“It was a horrifying event of my life,” Hussain said “If there wasn’t any easy escape for us, it would have lead to mob lynching because such was the temper.” He said that he was still in shock and pondering why such intolerance has engulfed the mentality of people now.

Meanwhile, senior journalist, Idrees Lone took to social networking site facebook castigating people for busting firecrackers. “Who are these people who like sound of firecrackers in weddings? What breed? Seriously, In Kashmir you miss a heartbeat with every bang,” he said in his post.Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Budgam, Tajinder Singh told that police have taken cognizance of the incident.“The incident happened at Humhama as there was a clash between two groups. We are ascertaining the facts,” Singh said.