Mumbai boy survives after being run over by car

Indo-Asian News Service

An eight-year-old boy miraculously survived after a car ran over him and moments later he got up and ran away unscathed.

The shocking incident took place on Monday evening in the society compound of a Sadguru Complex-I, in Goregaon east, north-west Mumbai, where several cars were parked around and the boy was playing football with his friends.

A CCTV grab of the incident, which went viral, shows a woman getting into a car and the boy – later identified as Rahesiya Amit Mathur – had paused to sit down and adjust his shoe laces.

Just then, she starts the car suddenly without any warning horn, drives over the boy, drags him for a couple of feet and after running over his full body, sped off.

The boy, momentarily dazed, quickly got up and then without a whimper, ran over to his friends and joined the game.