Mulana Hami urges people to fight against alcohol, drugs

SRINAGAR, JAN 11: The solution of difficulties and hardships of muslims facing at global level is only possible when their will be unity and complete elimination of differences among the muslims,this was said by karwan-e-islami patron Mulana Ghulama Rasool hami while laying foundation of khankahi kadeef hazrat syed sultan Ali Aali balgi (R.A) in Pakherpora today.

Addressing the gathering at Pakherpora Mulana Hami said that the unity is not among the muslims and its religious scholars and the enemies of islam religion are taking its benefit and are adding more hardships for muslims. “We muslims have to hold the rope with strong and unity so that the hardships facing to muslims at global level will be solved” hami said

While strongly condemning over the profaning sacred place Pulwama incident hami said these monasteries and ziarats and sacred for us and profaning it will not be tolerated at any cost. Hami urged people to come forward and fight against alcohal abuse and drugs which some miscreants are using to astray the young generation.