Missing Kashmiri students family seek whereabouts of their son


A Kashmiri student who was attacked in Sharda University in Greater Noida area of Uttar Pradesh on 4th Oct is missing from 28 October (Sunday).

Ahtisham Bilal Sofi, a first-year student of radiology at Sharda University was allegedly beaten up by a group of students following a clash between Afghan and Indian students in the first week of October this month.

The cousin of Ahtisham, Junaid Ahmad while speaking to News agency said “”Ahtisham called his father on Sunday. When I asked him what places he went to in Delhi, he said he will send me the pictures on WhatsApp once he reached his hostel campus. That was the last time he spoke with family members  when we called him again around 6pm, his phone was switched off”.

He added that Ahtisham is brilliant student he got 474 marks in 10th class, he was so much interested in radiology. According to Family member that the JK Police and Delhi Police confused them as Delhi says that his last location was in Jammu while the state police said that the last location of Ahtisham was Srinagar, They added that they can’t understand whom to believe.

They further added that everyday such incident happen with Kashmiri students in Indian State adding, “we want to ask Indian government. Why they are being attacked, eaten” . They added that the mother of Ahtisham was admitted in Hospital and  his father is also not feeling well due to bad health. (PTK)