LAWDA disallows to plant the Sewage Treatment System.

Srinagar Sep 26 : One house boat  which was newly built and its owner approached the LAWDA for its registration. He was advised to plant the sewage treatment system which is prior requisite for the registration.

After endorsing    with the district industries center Srinagar and a letter from pollution control board Srinagar addressed  to vice chairman LAWDA for grant of  NOC  for further recommendations for  the installation of the STP,   LAWDA has  refused the NOC for reasons better known to them, complainant said.

When the LAWDA  concern authorities are  at the helm of affairs for DAL development . When it is the duty of LAWDA to take all measures to save the DAL especially from sewerage. The department did not bother and allow the house boat sewerage to go  directly into the DAL  to more pollute it , but did not permit  for the installation of  sewage plant which is meant to process the sewerage  as per the norms of center pollution control board

The higher authority may take serious note and a probe may be initiated on what grounds the concern authority did not allow for this Sewage Treatment Plant