KPs being made scapegoats in Municipal elections

SRINAGAR, OCT 04: Kashmiri Samiti Delhi (KSD), a grassroots organization of Kashmiri Pandits and a Nodal Agency with GOI is peeved at the way Kashmiri Pandits are being used in the ongoing  municipal/Panchayat elections in Kashmir valley.  KSD strongly condemn those political forces which are hell bent upon exploiting a section of gullible KPs and use them as cannon fodder in the ongoing militancy in the state. Without addressing the fundamental questions of their safe and honorable return and rehabilitation, how this gamble can help the community or the state, is questionable.


The community on the whole out rightly rejects participation in these elections in any form unless and until our exile is not ended honorably.  The election commission has time and again belittled our franchising rights by deleting our names from the electoral rolls with every revision and put in place ridiculous systems for our voting which has progressively made KPs irrelevant to elections in the state. The government doesn’t have any roadmap for safeguarding our voting rights and it has failed to provide an acceptable mechanism for displaced KPs to exercise their franchise. As such KSD calls upon all community people to refrain from making foolish moves that will in anyway compromise community interest and fight for protection of our constitutional rights.


We would also like to warn people with vested interests who have been using KPs that they will be squarelely responsible for any untoward consequences.  Also, KSD has not in anyway sponsored or endorsed candidature of any person. We stand with the demand for a political settlement of KPs in a separate homeland with UT.  As such these elections are of no interest to us.