Kathua: Prashant Bhushan files criminal complaint against Madhu Kishwar

Senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan on Monday filed a criminal complaint against Madhu Kishwar, “for serious offences u/s 153A, 295A & 505 of the IPC against serial fake news purveyor & communal hate & violence inciting tweets of Madhu Kishwar who thinks she can get away without accountability. Time to call her bluff.”

The complaint, filed with SHO, Tilak Marg Police Station in Delhi, accuses Kishwar of publishing “misleading and false information” through her Twitter handle @madhukishwar, “for the last several months”.

The complaint also includes Kishwar’s tweet dated April 14, 2018, in which she alleges that in the Kathua case, in which an 8-year-old Muslim nomad child was brutally raped and murdered, it was “very likely that family accused of rape have been scapegoated.

” Kishwar further claimed that the “Murder of #Asifa suspected to be handiwork of jehadi #Rohingyas settled by PDP in Jammu region. Since Jammu people angry at settling criminal Rohingya in Hindu areas, Mehbooba used this murder as counterblast strategy”.

Prashant Bhushan told National Herald on Monday that, “I lodged a complaint because she has been constantly tweeting false, communal, hateful and violence-inciting tweets, which are serious offences under the Indian Penal Code.

Unfortunately, while the police is quick to act against persons who deride the Prime Minister by cartoons, it does not do anything against persons who are committing serious offences against the IPC by inciting communal hatred and violence. Cartoons deriding the PM are certainly not acts of sedition but Madhu Kishwar’s tweets are certainly offensive.

She has been a serial offender in this regard. A complaint should have been lodged against her earlier. There are many people who put out such tweets but we should go after the ring-leaders. She is one of the ring leaders of this gang of trolls who are involved in such communal offences,” said the incensed lawyer. ( National Herald )

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