JKJCCPS protests to safeguard Article 35A

Srinagar, Aug 04 2018

JK Joint Coordination Committee of Private Schools organized peaceful protest demonstrations at Lal Chowk on Saturday to show its support to Article 35-A of the constitution.

Principal, management and senior staff members of many schools joined the protest programme to show their resentment against any move to tinker with the Article 35-A which bars outsiders from owning property or getting jobs in the J&K.

The protesting school authorities marched from Bund near Ahdoos Hotel to Press Enclave at Lal Chowk where they briefed the media about the implications and serious consequences of fiddling with article 35-A.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Patron of the JKJCCPS Prof C L Vishen said article 35-A is the link which attaches J&K with the India and if its is repealed then Indian government has not justification of calling the State as an integral part.

He said every sector and every individual is concerned about this sensitive issue which can have serious repercussion if government of India doesn’t see the aspiration of the people of the state who have vehemently opposed any move of its abrogation.

President JKJCCPS Showkat M Chowdhary said some handful vested interests are behind the petition filed with the Supreme Court on article 35 A and every prudent Indian would not want that government of India would take any decision on the behest of these fringe elements.

Chowdhary said every Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or of any religion and any region of this state has unequivocally supported the status quo of article 35-A which is the clear indication how serious the matter is if article 35-A is touched.

He said it seams these elements want to create a Gaza like situation in Kashmir by allowing settlement of outsider here and then crushing the natives.

Showkat Chowdhary said entire education sector would come on roads to resist any misadventure on fiddling with the article 35 A.