Srinagar 18 Sep 2018

Jammu and Kashmir Socio Economic Coordination Committee (JKSECC), an amalgam of 27 Civil society formations including trade, industry, tourism, trade, horticulture and others, has castigated the state government for its rigid approach adoptedĀ  on holding of ULB and Panchayati elections despite the adverse ground realities over here.

In a meeting held to discuss the announcement of schedule for these elections, the members observed that such a decision is fraught with adverse consequences and negative political ramifications. How can the Governor Administration ignore the brewing anger among the people of Jammu and Kashmir over day to day killings and other brutalities across length and bredth of J&K apart from the sinister attempts of onslaught on their identity and status. JKSECC believes that holding of such elections under the shadow of the gun is only to hoodwink the international community that all is honky dory in Kashmir

Both the central as well as state government have maintained a criminal and thundering silence on their plans to deal with the petitions pending i9n the Supreme Court challenging the protective shield given to our state subject laws which is some food for thought.

JKSECC is of the opinion that Election Commission has been ill advised and needs to have a rethink after independently evaluation the ground situation. The Commission should know that politicians at Delhi have vested interests and intend to cash upon and sell the further possible killings of innocent people of Kashmir to their advantage.