If Kashmir becomes Syria, India will face worse situation than Afghanistan: Lashkar

Fastvoice Srinagar, Oct 30 ,2017:

Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) chief Mehmood Shah while reacting over the “aggressive” statement of New Delhi appointed interlocutor to Kashmir Dinesh Sharma has said that “freedom is our right and the future of Jammu Kashmir is linked with the demilitarisation”.

Sharma had said that deradicalising Kashmiri youth and militants, and preventing Kashmir from turning into an Indian Syria represent the biggest challenge and the top priority in the Valley.

“If Kashmir becomes Syria, Yemen, Libya, then India will face worse situation than Afghanistan,” a spokesperson of LeT Dr Abdullah Ghaznavi in a statement issued to news agency GNS quoted outfit chief Mehmood Shah as saying. “Indian forces are extremists (while) we are peaceful.”

“Dinesh Sharma should first analyse the internal situation of India where more than 30 separatist movements are active added with Hindu-Muslim riots, Dallit Brahman clash, Marathi non-Maraathi hate, murder of Muslims in the name of Gau Rakshak (cow protection), economic instability due to non-availability of currency notes,” Shah said.

The Lashkar chief urged the former intelligence officer of India to “focus on your own country. Kashmiris don’t need your suggestions. Our movement is completely justified and is against the illegal occupation on India”.

“India, against the partition plan, illegally occupied Kashmir, Hyderabad Deccan, Junagarh, Munawadar, Jaisalmar and Baarmail. Kashmiris are not going to accept anything less than freedom. Before coming to Kashmir for dialogue, it must be kept in mind that India has to quit and this is the only solution,” the spokesperson quoted LeT chief as saying.