Ideal of Peace In World

Civilizational attributes change in accordance with change in mode of thinking through range of stages oriented towards March of peace and security amid welfare at its core. In fact the march of human beings is visible in golden pages of history who attained the pinnacle of ladder in being adopted to crucial phases ipso facto. But on analytical level the concept needs refurbishment for its application, as far as the track of success to adopt noble ideals for human beings is concerned.there is no doubt in the fact that we have mastered in every field we ventured but logically the result seems contrary to our aspirations for such mastery. “We are living in world of pieces rather than world of peace” said Antonio Guteres ( sec general UN). On seeing the overall conditions of world at present stage of time the statement is no more stereotypical. It seems we are in a world of chaos now. Who aspires for such a state? Nationality or Commonality,is a paradox which demands SIGMUND FREUD for explanation.
The contemporary world order emerged on dust of wwii onslaught which left us in lurch regarding the fire and fury humanity felt. It drove us towards the cremation grounds for our near and dear ones who seems unaware about nationality itself. It aroused a paradoxical situation for common masses with single hand ( Hitler) burning the fate of world by choice if not exaggerated. This lead us to noble ideal of peace and security and subsequently laid the platform for establishment of UN to taste the environment of peace and security with sovereignty for every member nation. Much aura filled atmosphere got busy day and night to spread the net of various institutions for success of such initiative. And thus dramatically transformed the very order of the functioning on international level. But to its bad luck I say it couldn’t proven it’s impartiality. Easier said than done , the initiative was hide and seek game of big powers so , it couldn’t digested bloodshed of WWII and hence sucked the earned blood through Economic imperialism. Thus tapered tantrum such noble path with black spot and hence left the satellite countries with huge population share in lurch for their mercy. Surplus West and Deficit East was the result. Though the trend is changing now but was it the peace and security assured after decolonisation? cold war , Cuban crisis, Korean war,veitnam war in global context, with indo Chinese and indo Pakistan in regional was crystal clear manifestation.
Contemporary reality has accumulated dust in archives of peace making initiatives. West Asia Refugees, South African problems, Venezuela crisis and nearest one Myanmar state terrorism are ample manifestations. Where is UNO? What next? Is idea of peace impossible in world ? As far as all conflict or situation is concerned , the perverted form of nationality remained at its core. But who suffers, nationality or commonality? The atmosphere is filled with deep hypertension from every angle, Vertical and horizontal arms race and malicious power ambitions are the order of the day. Where lies the space for common masses who bear the brunt in the end? Here in lies the space for world renowned civil society with spreading net of NGO’S who are busy to enhance human capability and move forward the aspirations of common people in consolidated form like ICAN , whose sole hearted efforts won it this year’s noble prize. These organisations are busy in evolution of Nobel ideals with Nobel vision to fulfill the conditional basis of humanity for track of livable atmosphere on length and breadth of planet. They employ nip and bottom efforts to realise the dream of peace and security but politics could not spare them,they are restricted in there sphere of influence either entangled in national politics or being trapped in international politics, thus curbing their respective functioning style.
“Peace is not absence of war rather contrary” is manifested in its true spirit through prsent period. The atmosphere is full of tension with amplified insecurity element and thus impinging on the very existence of soul.After thorough analysis the future seems bleak with sturdy ideals which could doom the fate of humanity in entirety. Seeing present pole position of world the leaders are busy in accumulating the destruction power of planet in blink of eye. North Korea and Iran are live examples of that vein of pole. China busy in its rhetoric to debt trap small countries through belt road initiative to use them as political tool for super power emergence, after all who cares for humanity at base. The peace making initiatives are bright in the books through icons of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King . With trillions of wealth in bonds and deposits on one side and billions of Hungary ones on the other is paradox of surplus and hunger. There’s no path of streamlining to acquire the atmosphere of peace and security in letter and spirit amid vast organisation of programmes to discuss such policy matters spending crores of resources( Paris climate deal was signed by Barack Obama Donald trump gave it thrash and one more to go ICJ touted as police of world is being cheated by China in plain white).
“ Injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere” quoted icon of peace Martin Luther King in one of his speeches to blacks of US. The question of the day to resolve the crisis needs a dedicated band of leaders who could bow their head before noble ideals by keeping humanity at front on rising beyond their national frontiers. Until and unless we demolish borders in minds of people we couldn’t rise beyond the stress with atmosphere full of knickers. With goal of “Humanity Ist”, the goal of peace will follow the suit. Globalisation came with idea of global village but nothing worthy for humanity. The concept in its hidden policy is stricken with self interested blade for vast stretch of population. This is based on the policy of “Either compete or perish”, with deep sketchy agenda to provide ample sunshine and water for inequality to sustain in its entirety. It’s no strange to visualise the common masses with such shows. For its accuracy I would suggest “ Global peace” in place of global village to erode the very barrier between man and man to fulfil the aspirations of teeming billions. Otherwise the tragedy awaits the world? Are you ready for that.
“Before you act see where did you stand” quoted by icon of peace. On summation of whole debate the only clarification which comes at fore helds the contemporary world order culprit in court of justice to torn the pieces of peace rather than dovetailing them to evolve a livable atmosphere. And comes with a solution of transformation in entirety to save the world from dragon of WWIII whose material is being prepared through hide and seek game. To act for any reason we have to analyse our base which remains busy in eroding the peace making initiatives in their infancy , thus IDEA OF PEACE IS NOT ON TRACK TO SUCCESS. How to bring back peace for people Afghanistan which was siphoned away by power politics. There doesn’t appears any ray of hope from present perspective on analytical level barring the exceptional case of angels arrival on earth. Let’s hope original instinct of sympathy and harmony prevails over decision making to realise the ambitious dream of “global peace”. Certainly not global village in present form which couldn’t avail peace in the minds of people.I wish to taste peaceful atmosphere of Scandinavian style,thanks to their thinking of human development over nuclear weapons. Someone has really commented that “ if cat isn’t catching the mouse the method need to be changed to get caught the mouse itself”. Let’s wait…………

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