For peace in subcontinent, peaceful resolution of Kashmir is must: Pak President

SRINAGAR, SEP 28: President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi has said that peace in the region was linked with peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute.

The President in a tweet on Friday said, “For peace in the subcontinent, peaceful resolution of Kashmir is a must. There is no alternate.”

President Dr. Arif Alvi also shared the web link of an article ‘The Kashmir challenge’ by Ashraf Jahangir Qazi, the former ambassador to the US, India and China and head of UN missions in Iraq and Sudan.

An excerpt of the article said: “The 21st century has one message for nuclear-armed India and Pakistan: cooperate or perish. The seas are rising. Land, water and jobs will disappear.

Populations cannot cope. Stresses of every kind are increasing. Reason and moderation are giving way to atavistic passions, insane hatred and self-destructive machismo. Cooperating to reverse this fatal trend will provide a context for a Kashmir settlement.”