From the birth of a child to death of a person everything in the current world is commercialized, from the diapers of men to the corpses of men all commodities have been impacted by commercialization. No item or activity has been left outside the realm of commercialization.

Not only services and products but even the relations of men have been commercialized. In the latter case a relation is build and sustained only as long as the relationship is commercially viable and beneficial, once the material benefits cease to be forthcoming, the relation is ended the very instant to build a new one to keep getting the profits and benefits.

The commercialization has made the life of ordinary men very difficult, if not impossible. The consideration for financial gains in rendering ones services, conducting business and marketing of products has raised the costs of these products and services so high that their real prices fall much below than what is charged from the customers. The extra gains, and profits, get accumulated in the banks and lockers of very few rich and super rich corporates and capitalists, the owners of the means of production in the Marxist parlance. The masses become the victims of the greed and avarice of these few people.

Baffling is this situation and it has puzzled men since ages. Why rich people alone are profited by this commercialization of life, and why the poor and masses remain at the receiving end, nobody easily understands. Most people have accepted it as something that cannot be changed.  No efforts are made to change these conditions and if any are made they are crushed ruthlessly or end up creating another exploitative system. Like the Marxists who tried to create a system without exploitation in some countries ended up creating the one with other forms of exploitation and discrimination. The prognosis, the commercialization is there and the benefits to the already benefited out of this commercialization are there.

The group consisting of higher economic strata, who own the means of production, and means of the supply chain, sells its products and services at higher rates and when higher rates are charged from them, for some services or raw materials, they pass on the burden to the customers of their products and services. The exploited group on the other hand sells their services, as they have only their services to sell and nothing else, at much lower rates than are sold in the market place.

When some sellers and the people associated with the marketing of the products and services that are produced and rendered in the corporations owned by the rich, they too end up transferring that extra profit to the owners of the corporations, factories and industries. The end result is that all the masses and the retailers end up filling the coffers of the super rich. The poor including the middle class feel the heat of commercialization, some hardly afford to live their lives and the rest have to make compromises and curtailments.

These people remain in a state of perpetual indebtedness of the banks and money lenders. The banks and money lenders conduct their business in such a way where debt to people is used to keep them in more indebtedness. It is a vicious cycle where most of the poor people never come out of their poverty for generations. Some end up their lives to come out of this cycle but the majority live in pathetic conditions and all their earning and profits, if any, go in clearing the debt which is never cleared actually. They live their lives at the mere subsistence level of existence, working for rich and rarely working for their own-selves.

The people at the lowest level of this chain remain outside the societal life. For participation in social life and that in the global and governmental affairs income and financial status of a person plays a crucial rule, the more of it the higher chance of participation and the more are the opportunities to formulate policies that are in the interest of the economic group of that person’s own standing.

As for as the poor are concerned all they can afford, if they can afford that, is low qualitative food, which is lower in quantity as well. Enjoying any luxury of life is beyond their imaginations and beyond their dreams. They are not far above the animal level of existence; they remain there and at times have to act like animals to keep surviving.

It takes ages for these people to have a decent meal or a dress of average quality. They more often face the challenges to their survival and about the rest of the activities and affairs of life they have no time and if they have time they lack resources. They remain at the lowest rungs of all human development indices. They are undernourished, infested with many diseases and disorders, have almost no sanitation and sanitary mechanism. Life for them is pathetic and terribly tough courtesy, exploitative commercialization.

Commercialization is a global phenomenon now, no part, country or a region is outside this. All the traditional systems are falling and failing to stand before commercialization. There is no stopping to this commercialization and there is no resistance. Like a marauder it decimates every other humane type of commercial relation. The governments are unable to stop it and so is the case with the international institutions and organizations. About the masses they are helpless, and now the status is that it has impacted the people who were earlier not impacted by any commercial relations. Commercialization, pure and simple, is a problem it is the exploitation and discrimination that is committed while using commercialization for the purpose which is of grave concern.

The commercialization has created such conditions today that the people above the poverty line are appearing as to belong to the below poverty line and those in the higher economic strata have fallen to that of the middle class level as per. Even they cannot afford the luxuries of life which they used to do in the past. If they afford them they feel precarious about how long they could keep them getting. Their precariousness has led them to resort to illegal practices and more of these practices than was the case previously.

They resort to exploitation and discrimination of the people under them and the degrees of exploitation and discrimination has gone much higher in this age. It is only the super rich, who control governments and government policies, who are gaining tremendous gains from all this process, it is they who keep the system deliberately exploitative and it is they who commercialize everything.

At times the poor people are sacrificed for the interests and benefits of the super rich like the fate of farmers in India is a case in point. They are not allowed to move above the level they hold in the societal ladder and if they move somehow, they are pulled back or compelled to move back. All the government policies and programs are devised in such a way to keep these exploitative and discriminatory relations intact. Giving benefits to the rich and exploiting the poor.

In fact, the governments sustain and work on this principle only. In the so called democratic countries the super rich play crucial roles in shaping the governments and governance structure. They pay and bribes to the government functionaries to keep the exploitative process of commercialization undisturbed. Only those changes are allowed which make them more exploitative. Hence, the claims of governments that they work for the benefit of people fall flat, people for them mean only the rich. They say big and do little for the poor and eradication of poverty, eradication of poor seems their priority. The policies for poor end up paying the rich in their commercial interests.

The result of these relations is that the rich keep getting richer and poor poorer. The gaps between the rich and poor are widening in this 21st century which is called the century of democracy. By name there is democracy but in actual practice it is autocratic, dictatorial and totalitarian systems of governance under the name of democracy. Even if it is democracy, it is so for the rich only. In the language of ancient Greeks, it is the democracy for the citizens and citizens include only portions of population not whole of it as per them.

It has always been observed that whenever the discrimination and exploitation of people crosses a certain limit, the system in which this discrimination exist collapses and gives way to a better one. But before passing from the worse to the best there is a period of chaos and bloodshed also. In this bloodshed no section and part of the society remains out of the adverse consequences of this all. A note needs to be taken in respect of commercialization; the exploitation in it cannot go infinitely. The exploitation cannot be committed so long that the reactionary forces of bloodshed can take over. Somewhere breaks have to be applied.

Today we claim to have reached the best possible system of governance in the form of democracy and in its ideal form it may actually be so but in the current form it is much apart from the ideal. So, if things remain in this shape there is every chance that the current system will also fail. These circumstances put extra responsibility on the governments and people in authority to change for the welfare of all. Make commercialization in the interest of all and make it affordable to all. Let all share the benefits of this process. Let profits be shared equally and let all live life in an honorable manner.

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