Er Rasheed asks Army authorities to come cleane over torture on Shopian man

SRINAGAR, 22 FEB: Claiming that words about Kashmir and kashmiri’s being spoken by top Indian leadership do not match to what is happening on the ground, AIP Supremo Er Rasheed has appealed political and military leadership of India not to add salt to the injuries of Kashmiri’s.

In a statement issued today Er Rasheed said, “it looks nice when Home Minister Rajnath Singh makes a claim that Kashmir and Kashmiri’s were, are and will remain ours but on the other hand giving security forces free hand to do what they want to do with unarmed Kashmiri’s and down playing attacks and hatredness against Kashmiri’s throughout India negates Home Ministers claim.

While army is at rampage in south Kashmir, to travel on roads from Kupwara to Qazigund is becoming almost impossible as the vehicular movement is being interrupted every moment in the name of ensuring protection to army vehicles. In South Kashmir not only youth but elders including men and women are being subjected to torture and humiliation and nobody cares.

The relatives of militants are facing huge threats to their lives and despite knowing that whosoever joins militant ranks does not take any permission from the parents, atrocities on their families are at peak. Army commanders should answer that what was the fault of Ishaq Ah Lone a resident of Rawalpora Shopian who has been tortured so severely that no human hearted person can even bear to see him. His only fault is that his brother has reportedly joined militants.

The law enforcing agencies are doing nothing but are hand in glow with those who commit atrocities on unarmed civilians. When security agencies and New Delhi want kashmiri’s to condemn attacks on security forces, they need to answer that why do not authorities take notice of shameful atrocities on kashmiri’s.”

Er Rasheed while reacting to Supreme Court direction asking states to take care of kashmiri’s in their respective states, said that there is nothing worth enjoying what Supreme Court has asked for, as the law enforcing agencies in the states are being controlled by those who are directly involved in attacks against kashmiri’s.

He said, “It would have been to some extent satisfactory had Supreme Court sought action taken details and measures against the goons attacking kashmiri’s. Supreme Court should have asked details about FIR’s lodged against those who attacked kashmiri’s everywhere, deported them back and vandalized their properties.

While hundreds of kashmiri’s have been beaten to pulp, not even a single person has been arrested so far in any part of the country and what can be more unfortunate than the fact that people holding highest offices do ask Indian’s to boycott kashmiri’s and thus negate themselves Home Minister’s claim that kashmiri’s are our own people.”