Diversed talents as a natural distribution of skills


The beautiful part of nature is in its diversity of creations with their diversed capabilities and unique features. The societies we live in are composed of people of coloured capabilities painting  the surrounding environment they live in. Some people are more influential and successful than others it is rather the talent in addition to their hard work which largely makes the differences in attitudes and achievements.

The people are distinctly capable and masters in their respective  fields like  reading , writing, poetry, sports, music, acting, art or craft and architecture . An individual weak in learning and teaching may be enough strong in sports. An individual weak in art and design may be good in music. An individual with no idea of poetry may be strong in painting  .A failed individual of politics may be a successful entrepreneur  within the business.

So simply these are just certain inborn skills what we call a talent which have been distributed among the humans accordingly that they can fulfill various social requirements. However some skilled people are multi talented by nature. Precisely speaking a talent forms a set of naturally God gifted attributes which define the identity of an individual.

By nature  everybody has a one or another talent, what makes  the bigger difference is the following of a path which a talent leads. There are rare people who have the enough courage to bypass the hurdles associated with a talent   and fight the darkness to shine in a talent. The  other interesting part of these distinct inborn skills is that these serve as a buisness for an individual and act as the sources of income and livelihoods for an  individual and the associates. So this distinctive job system act as driving force for the flow of money and wealth in a society and as a whole develop a multicolored social networking of jobs.

But there is of course a mean  part of human behaviour in regard to  these  inborn skills were societies decide and describe  intelligence and dullness or goodness or badness or even the value of individuals by making these natural abilities as  parameters. In the larger context and from a broader perspective when we classify and rate people merely in terms of their  skills and abilities  as superior and inferior or special and local we are not just devaluing humanity but intending that we are not comfortable and satisfied  with the natural design of an individual which is disgusting to pronounce or to even think as such. Infact every individual has his own role and a significant importance in a society building and in ensuring our existing dynamic social structure. This natural social mechanism can’t survive and function  just by the individuals like doctors, engineers, bureaucrats or scientists.

It needs drivers, it needs carpenters, we equally need labours and technicians. The people overrate themselves for their own skills and underrate others for their talents. However most people are not as talented as much as they believe themselves.

But the matter is not only how equally we honour and treat people.The matter is how much opportunities we generate and how much we counsel the masses or how much we encourage the budding talents.

It is worth to discuss how much opportunities we provide to the beginners and budding talents to exploit ground opportunities in a way that they can search and improve their inborn unique gifted traits.

The another episode of same is societies have  an another blackspot  of compulsion and imposing things  and jobs as assignments, particularly on the children and youngsters what they aren’t interested in and in the long run they emerge as failures. On the other hand various inborn skills and talents either die  due to issues like poverty and unavailability of basic requirements to polish and explore a talent.These talent also become the victims of local , social and regional conflicts and so remain unexplored and untested.

A talent  can’t only  describe career or job of an individual but can wholly define the identity of an individual and can describe  over all life of an individual.

But the strategy of a talented individual should be the wise use of a talent so that it can serve as a source of bread and compete his/her various life requirements and on the other hand it will act as an instrument of work and requirement for societies and  nations. Moreover it will result as a source of inspiration and motivation for common masses and such talented people .when a talented individual is equipped with some motivation or desire he can definitely strike the goal of success. However a talented individual may become lazy or less caring thinking that he/she can just rely on talent rather than on efforts. But talents when guided by efforts provide effective resulted performance.

A work or a task difficult for an individual is easy for an another individual, it is rather the variation of inborn skills which largely make it so.

Talents are much deciding and important than how much we assume them. The nourishment and utilisation of a talent is always possible if one is interested in improvement. But the first and the  foremost matter  is to have  a prior knowledge of ones capabilities. So that these  can be well polished very early  and built in order to use already  available abundant social manpower and natural skills  for making careers, building societies and developing  nations in a much  better way.

Author is a columnist and currently a Masters student in central University Of Kashmir.